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UFC 245 ‘Usman vs. Covington’ – LIVE Updates and Full Fight Results

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Sohail Syed
Sohail Syed
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Petr Yan defeated Urijah Faber via KO in Round 3

UFC 245 ‘Usman vs. Covington’ - LIVE Updates and Full Fight Results -

Petr ‘No Mercy’ Yan’s rise in the bantamweight is nothing short of blazing fireball that’s running through the division. The hell on wheels fighter known for his aggressive fighting style and hard hitting shots has drawn attention with yet another highlight reel knockout over the veteran Uriah Faber.

Uriah Faber who made his return earlier this year after three years away from the sport, started off the first round carefully probing the Russian and avoiding any major clash that could spiral down the fight. Yan seemed to be taking it easy and giving much respect to Faber but kept his forward moving and stalking game plan. He carefully picked his shots and whenever found an opening unleashed a series of punches drawing Faber into wild exchanges. Faber landed a well-placed knee strike on Yan but the Russian walked through it unfazed.

In the second round, Yan came back fearlessly as he planted Faber on the canvas with solid right followed by a left straight. Faber dropped but immediately began defending Yan’s strikes. When the fight got back to the feet, Faber landed a stiff left hand catching Yan off guard. The game changing strike came when Yan viciously landed an elbow that dropped Faber down again.

A huge swelling beside Faber’s left eye caused the fight to stop for a brief moment, but he was allowed to continue. At the start of the third round, Yan and Faber ended up in the clinch and just as they broke away Yan threw a left head kick that sent Faber falling on the canvas. The referee quickly stepped into prevent Yan from throwing anymore punishment. With this win, Yan is now on a six fight win streak in the in the UFC and is a serious threat in the bantam weight division.

Marlon Moraes defeated Jose Aldo via Split Decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

UFC 245 ‘Usman vs. Covington’ - LIVE Updates and Full Fight Results -

The weight cut for Jose Aldo might have been an easy one, but facing the former title challenger Marlon Moraes was a big test for the former champion. Marlon knew Aldo would come out all guns blazing in his bantamweight debut and would do anything to win it.

Moaes who is known for his fast paced start was no where near his A-Game. He appeared to be slow and hesitant to engage with Aldo. Moraes did manage to stung Aldo with some combinations and a switch kick to the head but the former featherweight champion stood his ground. Aldo turned the momentum of the fight that saw him exchange flurry of strikes and rattled Moraes.

As the round progressed, Moraes began to slow while Aldo looked like the fresher fighter. Aldo’s confidence grew with each strike that he landed on Moraes. Aldo was ahead on the judges scorecard with his strikes and looked like the fight could have gone his way. Even while the scorecard was announced, Moraes was not hoping to get his hand raised but a decision in his favour charged him up.

Amanda Nunes defeated Germaine de Randamie via Unanimous Decision

The last time Amanda Nunes and Germaine de Randamie fought inside the Octagon, the fight ended with GDR unable to defend from the ground and pound of the Amanda in the first round. But this time, Amanda had difficulties not only submitting GDR but also to put her away when she had multiple opportunities.

Amanda had to dig deep inside to try and fend off GDR right from the start and rely on her wrestling to score take downs. GDR showed a much improved ground game despite being taken down every time. She even managed to get Amanda into a triangle choke that could have ended the title reign if GDR had an elite level BJJ.

In the first round, Amanda kick started the fight on a high note with a powerful right hand that blasted GDR in the opening exchange. She constantly attacked GDR with her takedowns and submission attempts. It looked like the fight could have ended late in the first round, but GDR showed resilience and survived the onslaught.

GDR came out firing in the second round, popped Amanda her right hands sending her to the back peddle. GDR’s confidence continued to grow with her success on the feet. Out of no where, she unleashed a question mark kick followed by a barrage of knees that put Amanda in a bad spot. Amanda switched to takedowns having failed to fend off GDR. With every take down Amanda was chipping away at her with punches and elbows scoring up points on the judges scorecard.

This fight revealed how GDR has improved leaps and bounds in her ground game having pushed the champion to full five rounds. Amanda displayed signs of slowing down in the later rounds and if any of the opponent could out grapple her & control her ground game then the outcome could be a surprising one.

Alexander Volkanovski defeated Max Holloway via Unanimous Decision

Alexander Volkanovski stood by his promise to take the belt away from Max Holloway and he did it in a dominant fashion.

Alexander followed a smart game plan to slowly chip away Holloway at his own game and use more leg kicks to shake his foundation. The leg kicks began to demobilize Holloway and restrict him from landing any major combinations. While Alexander began to close the distance, he relentlessly pursued the champion with his crisp striking. Volkanovski kept targetting Holloway’s lead leg with both inside and outside leg kicks. Holloway’s leg began to turn red and the champion was in trouble as he was limiting his own striking volume.

The max strikes Holloway could land were only 22 strikes in one of the rounds. Alexander on the other end changed his attacks and targeted the opposite leg. Holloway’s log and rangy jabs were no where to be affecting Alexander either.

In the championship rounds, Holloway rebounded as he began digging to the body and then landing more punches to the head. But Alexander was still standing in front of him ready to knock off those leg kicks. In the fifth round, those leg kicks accumulated to more than 65 and had their affect on Holloway. A unanimous decision win shows how strong Alexander’s game is as he dethroned the long time reigning champion.

Kamaru Usman Defeated Colby Covington via TKO in Round 5

The main event fight between rivals Kamaru Usman and Colby Covington was an all out war between the two welterweights. Both the fighters stood and banged for the entire 24 minutes of the fight until Usman dropped Colby in the final moments to end the fight via TKO.

There were literally zero takedowns attempted. Usman knew Colby’s ground game was elite and decided to trade blows with him. But Colby’s fast pace and lightning hand strikes got the better of him in the first two rounds. Colby landed 80 significant strikes in the first ten minutes giving Usman a hard time. But the champion rebounded and came back stronger in the third round as he rocked Colby with heavy blows to his face.

Usman relied on his jabs more as the round progressed but the volume of strikes Covington landed, could not match the power strikes from Usman. Colby’s face was battered with cuts on either sides. In the third round Colby’s output dipped as the champion began to overpower him. A solid straight from Usman landed so hard, it broke Colby’s jaw.  Colby informed his corner that he broke his jaw in between rounds. But despite the injury, Colby was still standing t trade blows.

The final round saw both the fighters continue to stand and trade. Colby landed some nasty uppercuts while Usman wasn’t ripping to the body. Usman successfully scored a knockdown in the final minute and continued to drop him again until the referee stopped the bout.

UFC 245 ‘Usman vs. Covington’ - LIVE Updates and Full Fight Results -UFC 245 ‘Usman vs. Covington’ - LIVE Updates and Full Fight Results -UFC 245 ‘Usman vs. Covington’ - LIVE Updates and Full Fight Results -UFC 245 ‘Usman vs. Covington’ - LIVE Updates and Full Fight Results -UFC 245 ‘Usman vs. Covington’ - LIVE Updates and Full Fight Results -

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