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UFC 248 ‘Adesanya vs. Romero’ – Play-by-Play Updates & LIVE Results

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Sohail Syed
Sohail Syed
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Alex Oliveira defeated Max Griffin via Split Decision

Alex Oliveira’s three fight losing streak has put him on a tough spot. He’s in a desperate need of a win to keep his name intact in the UFC’s roster. His opponent, Max Griffin also looks to rebound after a 1-3 run in the octagon. Opening the main event, this is a major opportunity for Griffin to build his name in the welterweight division. With both their backs to the wall, its a high stake fight neither of these fighters want to loose.

Griffin kick starts the fight by quickly taking the center of the Octagon. Griffin then landed a massive shot in the opening round and put the Brazilian on shaky legs. Rather than capitalizing the opportunity, Griffin transitioned to a take down, but could not inflict any damage on Alex while maintaining ground control. Griffin clearly takes the first round. In the second round. Alex came back strong as he countered a take down attempt and landed a perfectly placed uppercut that sliced open Griffin’s right eye. With blood pouring on his eye and obstructing his vision, Griffin began to have hard time countering Alex who by now had found his range and began landing some heavy strikes. With the fight now surging ahead in the third round, Alex continues to land significant strikes on Griffin who is still struggling with the on pour of blood. In the second half of the final round, Alex took control of the top position and was slowly tiring his opponent out, but the resilient Griffin managed a reversal to get on top till the final seconds of the round. Griffin now completely exhausted, could not make good use of his position.

After three rounds of back and forth bloody war, Alex Oliveira’s striking helped him pull out a split decision win. Oliveira showed off his striking acumen throughout the fight and this crucial win should get his focus back on track.

Neil Magny defeated Jingliang Li via Unanimous Decision

If you’ take a closer look at Neil Magny’s resume, you’d be blown away by the feats he’s accomplished. Neil has over 900 strikes landed in the UFC, fought five times in both 2014 and 2015, has answered many last minute calls to fight, and has wins over Carlos Condit, Johny Hendricks, Hector Lombard and Kelvin Gastellum. But with an unfortunate 2019, he’s been out for more than fifteen months. But is now back in the Octagon for his second act. His opponent is riding on a three fight win streak, comes in with a dynamic striking capability, conditioning at par and a martial arts background from China. Known for his relentless pace, Jingliang was ready to take the fight to the ground or happy to stand and bang.

But the long range and distance control from Magny had him on a fix right from the first round. Li was able to rattle Magny with a right hand during the first round but couldn’t follow up and put Magny in a spot. Magny quickly recovered and cameback strong mixing his strikes and kicks from every angle. His lead jab kept on landing and Li’s head was snapping back repeatedly. Li was in deep trouble by the end of the first round as Magny unleashed a series of strikes that put Li a nearly a fight-ending situation. The rest of the fight was spent in the same manner, with Magny dominating Li in the stand up. Magny continued to out strike Li with extreme accuracy and precision that saw him pick up the fight in a unanimous decision.

Beneil Dariush defeated Drakkar Klose via KO in Round 2

Beneil Dariush and Drakker Klose both have won three of their last fights and one of them was sure to lose this three fight win streak. Klose known for his striking and Dariush for his submission skills, but completely surprised the outcome of the fight with their wild exchanges that resulted in a nasty end.

In the first round, Dariush relied on his submission skills quickly as he latched onto Klose’s back while searching for a rear naked choke. Klose managed to find a way to stay alert and let Dariush exhaust his legs for hanging too long. It was evident when Dariush went back to his corner and had to iced down his legs. In the second round, Klose noticed Dariush was slow and began taking advantage of this opportunity. He began landing heavy punches and in a wild exchange landed a solid punch that saw Dariush wobble a bit. Klose got over excited and rushed to finish Darish. Sensing himself in danger, Darisuh started exchanging strikes with him and connected with a shot of his own that wobbled Klose. Dariush followed up with a hard left hand that put him down and out for good at 1:00 into round two.

Weili Zhang defeated Joanna Jedrzejczyk via Split Decision

Zhang Weili hasn’t been to fourth round in her entire MMA career, while Joanna has fought the championship rounds seven times in her storied UFC career. For Zhang to retain her title she has to taste the deep waters, against the former strawweight champion.

Both Zhang and Joanna went toe-to-toe and blow-for-blow right off the bat for the entire twenty five minutes as they landed more than 600 combined strikes resulting in a bloody war that could very well be one of the best women’s strawweight title fight ever. Zhang brought in her power striking while Joanna relied on her precisely targeted combinations. With a blazing start Zhang picked up the first two rounds while causing initial damage to Joanna’s forehead which began to blow up. In the third round, Joanna overtook Zhang in the striking department and landed some of the best shots of the fight. Zhang appeared to have slowed down as she struggled to answer Joann’s high volume striking. In the fourth rounds, the wild exchanges escalated with Joanna’s volume slowly taking over the heavy leather from Zhang. It was Joanna’s forehead that began giving her problems. Each time Zhang landed a head strike, Joanna covered up and backed out. Zhang continued to hunt for that knockout as she moved forward landing whatever she could find in her arsenal until the final seconds of the fifth round.

Israel Adesanya defeated Yoel Romero via Unanimous Decision

Israel Adesanya wanted to chase legends of his division and build on his legacy after winning his middleweight title. To achieve greatness, the champion was to deliver yet another sensational performance against his toughest adversary – Yoel Romero. But his main event performance was no where near the previous ones. Adesanya ended up landing only a mere fifty strikes in the entirety. Though complete blame cannot be put on Adesanya, he knew what he was getting into – a slow start to the fight by the challenger.

The only thing that stood out during the fight was Adesanya’s kicking game which helped him to retain the title in a unanimous decision. Adesanya was always cautious of Romero’s explosiveness and he felt it when Romero landed a cracking shot to his eye that left him blinking for minutes. Romero rushed ahead with a series of strikes to engulf Adesanya and pin him against the cage. At times the champion was able to slip away, but Romero eventually caught him and sent Adesnya running across the cage for cover. Despite a low output, Romero managed to stay ahead of the scorecard with the first two rounds to his name. Adesanya maintained distance and managed to inflict damage on Romero’s legs with a few good kicks. Adesanya now began to find home for a series of leg kicks that saw him surge ahead and snatch the third and fourth rounds from Romero. In the final two minutes of round five, Romero tried to hunt Adesanya down but the champion played an elusive game and avoided getting caught in any of the closing exchanges. This was definitely not the most thrilling performance, Adesanya is known for but he still left the octagon a champion.









UFC 248 ‘Adesanya vs. Romero’ - Play-by-Play Updates & LIVE Results -UFC 248 ‘Adesanya vs. Romero’ - Play-by-Play Updates & LIVE Results -UFC 248 ‘Adesanya vs. Romero’ - Play-by-Play Updates & LIVE Results -UFC 248 ‘Adesanya vs. Romero’ - Play-by-Play Updates & LIVE Results -UFC 248 ‘Adesanya vs. Romero’ - Play-by-Play Updates & LIVE Results -

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