UFC: Arjan Bhullar wishes all Canadians happy Canada day

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While Arjan Singh Bhullar has been proudly been carrying the Indian flag in the UFC because of his Indian heritage, he is a Canadian citizen. The UFC heavyweight had also represented Canada and won a gold medal in wrestling in the 2010 Commonwealth games in India. The heavyweight recently took to Twitter to wish all the Canadians around the globe a very happy Canada day.


Canada Day is the national day of Canada. It is a federal statutory holiday, which celebrates the anniversary of July 1, 1867, coming into force of the Constitution Act, 1867. It was initially named Dominion Day but was renamed in 1982.

Here’s what he wrote:

Representing the maple leaf is an honor and privilege. I thank Canada for opening its arms to my family many years ago. I tried to return the favor to the best of my ability. Happy Canada Day 151 years young #happycanadaday #canadaday #birthday #honor #free #sport

Below is his tweet:





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