UFC: Conor McGregor calls himself ‘the only undisputed Champ Champ’

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Earlier this month, light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier shocked the world last weekend at UFC 226 knocking out heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic to become the fifth fighter in the history of promotion to hold belts in two different weight classes and only the second fighter to hold them simultaneously.

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The first fighter to do so is ‘The Notorious’ Conor McGregor who became the featherweight champion in 2015 and lightweight champion in 2016. McGregor hasn’t fought since then. However McGregor still considers himself the only undisputed champ-champ.

“The only champ champ,” McGregor said speaking with TMZ. “The only undisputed champ champ,” he added.

McGregor further gave an update on his comeback.

“Very close”, he said of his comeback. “It’s not official, but we’re close.”

“I believe so, I hope so,” he added, when asked if he’d fight in 2018 — perhaps even at UFC 230 in New York City. “You know, I fucking love New York City. To be able to be here free, a free man, walking around this place… what a city.”

“I’d love to fight in [Madison Square Garden] again, but I believe this one is in Las Vegas.”

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