UFC: Controversial YouTube star Logan Paul interested in UFC career

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Logan Paul is coming off a massive fight against KSI, which turned out to be Draw. The fight managed to generate massive interest amongst the internet demographic. The fight was a super hit blockbuster with them fighting at a sold-out crowd at the Manchester Arena which seats about 20,000 fans.

The fight managed to sell over a million PPV and both fighters managed to grab a lot of purse money.

Now, Logan Paul who has a massive following on Youtube (4.9 million subscribers) also has a massive following on social media, to the tune of 4.77 million Twitter fans, along with another 16.6 million followers on Instagram has said that he is interested in fighting in the UFC.

Logan Paul took to Twitter expressing his feelings about fighting in the UFC as he has a wrestling background.

To be honest, the possibility of Logan Paul fighting at the UFC doesn’t look impossible, as UFC has previously promoted two fights of CM Punk and also offering him a massive payday.

In contrast to CM Punk, Logan Paul is a more popular star and can easily be promoted by UFC.

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