UFC: Cub Swanson says he doesn’t mind people like Logan Paul fighting in the UFC

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Logan Paul is coming off a massive fight against KSI, which turned out to be Draw. The fight managed to generate massive interest amongst the internet demographic. The fight was a super hit blockbuster with them fighting at a sold-out crowd at the Manchester Arena which seats about 20,000 fans.

The fight managed to sell over a million PPV and both fighters managed to grab a lot of purse money and most recently he also said that he belongs to Wrestling background and would be interested in fighting in the UFC, which of course didn’t sit well with MMA purists.

UFC Welterweight fighter Darren Till who will be fighting Tyron Woodley this weekend was also not pleased with Logan Paul’s wish and said:

“Every day is hard as f*ck, every day is a little more harder on your physical & mental state. Then ye get a cunt coming along like this youtuber fella thinking he can mix it in the @ufc f*ck off will ye mate and don’t embarrass our sport.”

Whereas fighters like Sage Northcutt jumped on the opportunity to welcome Logan Paul to the UFC and both guys went on a twitter rant calling each other out with Logan Paul also mocking him by calling Sage Northcutt as ‘Northbutt’.

However, UFC veteran Cub Swanson recently took to Twitter and offered his thoughts on the matter. Swanson is actually okay with celebrities showing UFC interest. He just hopes they keep their shenanigans on the prelims where they belong.

He Tweeted out:

“Personally I like when random famous people want to fight in the UFC (for two reasons)

1. It usually brings many new eyes to our sport

2. It quickly reminds people that there are many levels to this -All I ask is that they stay on the prelims”

Do you guys want to see Logan Paul fight in the UFC, let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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