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UFC: Cub Swanson talks about his genuine approach, his last fight against Edgar and much more

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‘Killer’ Cub Swanson (25-8 MMA, 10-4 UFC) returns at UFC Fight Night 128 to avenge his loss which happened almost four years ago against former UFC lightweight champion Frankie ‘the Answer’ Edgar.

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Swanson last fought dangerous undefeated prospect in Brian ‘T-City’ Ortega in December 2017. Swanson was on a four-fight winning streak, one of them being a ‘Fight of the Year’ award winner of 2016 against ‘the Korean Superboy’ Doo Ho Choi. He looked all set to achieve his long awaited title shot until the bitter happened. Ortega managed to wrap his arm around Swanson’s neck and locked in a nasty guillotine choke. Ortega showed his crafty BJJ skills as he infamously adjusted his hand position mid-choke to tighten the guillotine. Swanson being a BJJ black belt himself did not have any choice but to helplessly tap. Since, this was the last fight on Swanson’s contract, he literally went from a position where he could have secured a title shot to a free agent. “Mentally, I was like, ‘All right, that’s it. My chapter in the UFC was done”, Swanson said.

As the fairly newer promotion policy of trash talking has took over the sport, Swanson refuses to do so,

“It felt really good, to be honest,” he said. “In the era that we’re in now, the people that are talking the most crap and blowing the most smoke are the ones getting the most attention. And I just refuse to do that. I agreed to myself a long time ago that I wasn’t gonna try to be somebody I’m not to make more money. So when I saw everybody getting my back, that part felt nice, that me being genuine and me being who I am and just going out there and fighting hard and sticking to who I was since I started as a fighter, just growing positively and not negatively, and people still backing me up, that made me happy. It’s really what MMA and its true fans are about, and I appreciated that.”

Swanson on his rematch against ‘the Answer’ said,

“The way everything played out and the way I lost my last fight, it didn’t sit well with me, but I had to take it as it was. Then seeing them (Edgar and Ortega) fight, I think it made some excitement for the fans to see me and Frankie fight again. It was an opportunity to get a do-over. I’ve been working those holes in my game that showed in that fight since that fight. So on one hand I only had five weeks to prepare for this fight, but on the other, I’ve actually had a few years to prepare.”

On their first fight, Swanson said,

“When I was in there the first time, I was like, he’s not that strong, he’s not very fast, and nothing that he does blows me away, except for his smarts in there, his ability to make adjustments and listen to his coaches, and just how well they work together. I took lessons from that and I feel like it made me better. Now I understand what his game is and what he’s doing and why he does things. And it makes it easier for me to fight him and be more prepared for him. I know I can do better.”

Fight Night 128 will be headlined by #4 ranked lightweight Edson Barboza and #7 ranked Kevin Lee.

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