UFC: Curtis Millender sets his sights on Mickey Gall after stellar UFC debut victory

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“Courteous” Charles Millender was anything but hospitable to his opponent on Sunday, as he sent Thiago Alves packing with a brutal knee in the second round of their Welterweight showdown.

After also picking up $50,000 as a Performance of the Night bonus, the Courteous one was understandably excited with what he thought lay ahead of him in the UFC.

He told MMA Junkie:

“I would like to beat up Mickey Gall. I’m a huge WWE fan, big CM Punk fan, so I’d love to beat up Mickey Gall for that [defeating CM Punk in his UFC debut].”

With a professional record of 15-3, Millender showcased every bit of his 18-fight experience on his UFC debut, calmly picking apart veteran Thiago Alves from the outside with precise counter shots and constant stance changes.

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Eventually, upon seeing an opening, he landed a fight-ending knee strike in the second round that sent the Brazilian fighter slumping to the ground. Millender, however, insists that it was always part of the plan.

I knew this was coming. I worked really hard. I have a canteen of water that I drink every day, and every fight I write my goals on it. And it says that I’m going to knock him out in the second round. I’m going to tweet it when I get home and see that the marker is fading. I work hard, and when I say I’m going to do it, I’m going to do it.

Millender also announced in his post-fight interview that every fighter on the UFC Welterweight roster was on his hitlist next.

On a 7 fight win streak now, it would be intriguing to see who he is matched up against going forward. And after such a masterful performance, it wouldn’t be surprising if the 30-year-old is thrust straight into the shark tank that is the top 15 at 170 pounds.


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