UFC: Daniel Cormier reveals he felt much faster at heavyweight despite the extra weight

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Daniel Cormier became only the second man in the history of the UFC to ever hold titles in two weight classes at the same time. While many expected Stipe Miocic to be even faster than DC, that was not the case. Cormier looked extremely fast and powerful against arguably the greatest UFC heavyweight of all time. Cormier’s speed was constantly a thorn to Miocic as he was soon knocked out in the first round. In a recent interview given to Luke Thomas on The MMA Hour, DC revealed that despite the extra weight, he still felt much faster at UFC 226.


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Cormier also revealed the felt really excite about not having to cut weight and that it can be a brutalizing process. Here’s what he had to say:

I felt like I was faster, because at 205, I think my speed, it doesn’t jump out at you as much because all of these guys that I fight are pretty fast. So I think I felt faster, I think I felt faster at heavyweight, and then just not having to do that weight cut, it makes such a big deal, man. That weight cut can really, really — it can really brutalize you.

[Without the weight cut] I was so excited, man.





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