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UFC: Daniel Cormier says “Who’s your daddy” remark has deeper meaning related to his father’s MURDER

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Over the last few days Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier have really gone back and forth on Twitter and have made things personal and both fighters are not pulling back on what they are saying on Social Media.

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Cormier responded a few hours later and he didn’t pull back his words

Jones also came with the daddy Joke

While this comment seemed simple at a glance, Cormier says there’s a deeper meaning. He feels the comment is related to the tragic murder of his father.

Cormier explained on the UFC 226 media conference call.

“It’s kind of what he does,” Cormier said. “Before our very first fight there were some direct messages sent, and he said he was my daddy or some shit like that. I guess fans, somebody told him something in reference to my father being murdered, so he had [UFC President] Dana [White] call me on three-way to apologize for saying anything like ‘I’m your daddy.’ But, every time we argue, he goes back to ‘I’m your daddy’ or something like that. He didn’t mean to apologize. So there’s deeper meaning to ‘who’s your daddy?’

“There’s a deeper meaning to the history and him going through that unnecessary step of having Dana call me on the phone so he could personally apologize for saying anything about my father when he just kind of goes back to it every time we start to argue. So there’s a deeper meaning to most of the stuff that we say. So outside of saying anything about my wife, and also the thing about daddy. Look, the guy’s not a good guy, so why would a scumbag like that have any limits?”

Despite all the talks related to Jon Jones, Cormier says that he is very much focused on the task at hand as he will be looking forward to becoming the second two-division world champion in the history of UFC.

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