UFC: David Branch calls out Jacare Souza

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David Branch who is coming off a big knockout win over Thiago Santos last April on UFC Fight Night at the Atlantic City is trying to land a fight with longtime contender Ronaldo Souza. But according to Branch, Jacare isn’t even interested.

Branch (22-4) has accepted an offer to fight Souza (25-6) at UFC Fight Night on Sept. 22 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, but Souza has informed the UFC he’s not interested in that matchup.

Few Weeks back Jacare Tweeted out that he wants a rematch against Yoel Romero and Kevin Gastelum as those were the fights he was looking forward to.

Earlier today David Branch called out Jacare Souza on a video he published on the Social Media platform.

He said in the video that they both were scheduled to fight two times before on a short notice, but now they have all the time in the world to make the fight happen. He also pointed out that Jacare was #5 and he was #7 and Jacare lost his last fight to guys ranked in top 5 and he won his last fight to beat the guy who was a four-fight knockout streak.


Jacare is currently ranked at number five at middleweight, while Branch is at seven. So the bout does make sense from a rankings perspective. We’ll just have to wait and see if the UFC can get both fighters to agree to the fight, not just one.

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