UFC: Derrick Lewis says he is not ready for title shot

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Derrick Lewis was put on the main card of UFC 229 which might turn out to be biggest selling PPV in the history of UFC and Lewis shocked the whole world, as he went on to knock out Alexander Volkov with six seconds remaining on the clock.

Derrick Lewis came into this fight with two back-to-back massive wins over Marcin Tybura and Francis Ngannou. Although he was behind on scorecards, the knockout changed everything.

However, Lewis is not proud of his performance and said he is not ready for a title shot.

“I really don’t think I’m ready for a title shot, because that’s five rounds,” Lewis said. “(Expletive), I can barely go three rounds. I used to train 30 minutes a day, whenever I train. This camp, I trained for an hour. I guess I’ve got to hype up my hours a little bit more in training.”

“I’m not celebrating at all,” Lewis said. “(Expletive), I’m tired. Probably take a shower and lay my black ass down.”

Lewis also said that he has a big heart and that’s the reason he never gives up.

“That’s how I go into every fight, kill or be killed,” Lewis said. “Win, lose or draw, I’m still giving my all. No matter how tired I get, I can still punch as hard in the first round than in the third round or whatever. I’ve just got the most heart.

“… A lot of these guys have been training for years and stuff like that. I’m really not a mixed martial artist. I’m really a brawler and stuff like that. I believe the heart will take you further than any kind of skill level or whatever. That’s what I believe.”

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