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UFC Fight Night 113: Gunnar Nelson vs. Results

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Sohail Syed
Sohail Syed
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UFC Fight Night 113: Gunnar Nelson vs. Results -

James Mulheron and Justin Willis make their UFC debut in the heavyweight division with four straight wins from their last five fights. James Mulheron is the underdog in this heavyweight clash even though he has more fight experience. They both display their remarkable speed in the first round with Willis landing more strikes using his counter game. Willis shoots for a double and takes James to the mat, who manages to get back up but starts bleeding from his left eye. Round 1 clearly goes in the favour of the British Justin Willis. Round 2 begins with James landing a beautiful superman punch. Both men now begin mixing up inside low kicks landing heavy shots but are expending a lot of energy for their weight. James swings wildy, which Willis ducks to and takes him down to the mat and moving in the half gaud position. Second round also goes in the favour of Willis. Going in the third round, Willis knows he is ahead in the judges’ scorecard and avoids any major altercation. After exchanging few strikes, Willis gets his third take down but fails to capitalize.


Khalil Rountree KO’s Paul Craig

UFC Fight Night 113: Gunnar Nelson vs. Results -

Khalil is not impressed with the crowd’s reaction as Bruce Buffer makes the fight announcement. Paul Craig jabs and kicks with a long reach to keep Khalil at bay and not let him close the distance. Khalil keeps his hands way down drawing his opponent into his realm to commit a mistake, which he repays through counter lefts. Paul goes in for a takedown but Khalil quickly sprawls and lands a kick to the body. As Khalil’s confidence grows so does his showboating and taunting. He keeps backing Paul to the cage and explosively unloads a left roundhouse kick to the head. Khalil capitalizes the close distance and lands a sneaky left uppercut and drops Paul. A barrage of hammer fists descends on Paul’s chin making him fall asleep with just four seconds left in the first round and gets his second consecutive KO victory in the UFC.


Jack Marshman Out Points Ryan Janes to Win Decision

UFC Fight Night 113: Gunnar Nelson vs. Results -

With a fight record, more than double his opponents, Jack Marshman is clearly the favourite on the paper. As the first round begins Marshman is on the forward march as Ryan Janes back peddles trying to move away from Marshman’s lead hand strikes. Marshman finds his range and lands strikes that wobble Ryan’s head back and forth. The crowd erupts but Ryan has a titanium chin and continues to circle away. Round 1 ends in favour of Marshman. Second round has the same pattern with Marshman finding targets using his hands and legs. Ryan responds with a body kick but that is not enough to win the second round. In the final round, Marshman looks worn out and has tough time keeping up the pace. Ryan lands a jab, body kick and a left hook while absorbing body shots. Ryan pushes forward pressuring Marshman but that is not enough as the round has run out of time. Marshman wins via decision.


Paul Felder Stops Stevie Ray in First Round

UFC Fight Night 113: Gunnar Nelson vs. Results -

Both lightweights exchange jabs and kicks as the first round begins. Ray with a straight left land on Felder. They clinch and Felder responds back with some knees. The Irish Dragon goes in for a takedown but surprises with a quick elbow on Ray’s head. They clinch and Felder lands a knee that drops Ray on the mat. Ray tries to recover but Felder lands a heavy left elbow and then a quick short right putting Ray flat on the mat. That was a brutal KO from the Irish Dragon.



UFC Fight Night 113: Gunnar Nelson vs. Results -

Both the strawweights begin the first round on a careful note. Calderwood leads with a low kick on her opponent who then attempts for a quick level change. They keep circling each other trying to set up their next move. Calvillo goes in for a doube leg take down by Calderwood defends it well but gives up her back in a dangerous position. With just 10 secs left in the first round, Calvilla has a slight chance to tap Calderwood, but she is saved by the bell. Round 2 begins with the same fell out momentum. Calvillo lands a perfect left cross throwing Calderwoods head backwards and causing damage to her nose. Calderwood presses forward with kicks and teeps to Calvillo’s stomach. She gets better of her opponent in this round, but is profusely bleeding from her nose. As the third round begins, Calvillo comes in with her game plan to be implemented – more takedowns and submission in her mind. With just one-minute left in the final round Calderwood throws a roundhouse kick, which is caught by Calvillo and trips her while taking her back. In just a matter of time Calvillo has hooks deep inside and going for a rear naked choke. Calderwood is in a dangerous situation as the hooks are completely in but in the nick of time the round ends saving her from tapping out. Calvillo wins via unanimous decision.



UFC Fight Night 113: Gunnar Nelson vs. Results -
Jul 16, 2017; Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom; Santiago Ponzinibbio (blue gloves) reacts after defeating Gunnar Nelson (not pictured) during UFC Fight Night at SSE Hydro. Mandatory Credit: Per Haljestam-USA TODAY Sports

The underdog Ponzinibo needed just one round to stop the Icelandic Gunnar Nelson and stun everyone in the main event. The fight started off with Gunnar moving forward and landing a quick combination and backing off Ponzinibo. They go for an exchange and it clearly looks like there is something that bothers Nelson with his eye. Could be an eye poke which was unintentional. Gunnar keeps wiping his eye and tries to get back into the fight. Ponzinibo threw a well-timed over hand right that stunned Gunnar who turned around and tried to recover, but Ponzinibo is all over him and a quick short left puts him to the ground already unconscious. Ponzinobo lands some more shots until the referee steps into to stop the fight in the first round.



Argentinian Santiago Ponzinibbio, Irish Paul Felder, Danny Henry and Daniel Teymur each earned a $50,000 fight-night bonus at today’s UFC Fight Night 113 event. Both Ponzinibbio and Felder received Performance of the Night awards for their brilliant knockouts, while Henry and Teymur grabbed the Fight of the Night awards.


Also, from the prelims Leslie Smith def. Amanda Lemos by KO in round 2. Brett Johns def. Albert Morales by unanimous decision. Danny Henry def. Daniel Teymur by unanimous decision. Galore Bofando def. Charlie Ward by KO in round 1. Danny Roberts def. Bobby Nash by KO in round 2




UFC Fight Night 113: Gunnar Nelson vs. Results -UFC Fight Night 113: Gunnar Nelson vs. Results -UFC Fight Night 113: Gunnar Nelson vs. Results -UFC Fight Night 113: Gunnar Nelson vs. Results -UFC Fight Night 113: Gunnar Nelson vs. Results -

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