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UFC Fight Night 120 Results: Dustin Gets a Weird Win over Bloodied Pettis, Brown Demolishes Sanchez and Arlovski Finally Gets a Win.

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Sohail Syed
Sohail Syed
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Fight Night 120 lived up to expectations and delivered several outstanding performances in preliminary and the main card. The bonuses went to Dustin Poirier and Anthony Pettis who received $50,000 for their bloodied fight which was awarded the ‘Fight of the Night’. Matt Brown and Rapahel Assuncao also received $50,000 for ‘Performance of the Night’ as they both won via KO.




Karl Roberson defeated Darren Stewart via submission. Middleweight Karl Roberson kept his record intact in his debut fight with a quick rear naked choke submission win. Stewart began the round charging ahead, but Karl kept his distance and waited for countering back. As they moved in the clinch position, Stewart looked for a takedown, but it was Karl who was quick to take him down and transition to take his back. In just moments, Karl wrapped his hands around Stewart’s neck and forced him to tap at 3:41 secs of the first round.



What’s Next: With just 6 fights in his resume, Karl lacks the experience required to move ahead in this stacked middleweight division. He needs to build up his name by winning fights as they come and look to crack in to the top #15 in the next few years.


Jake Collier defeated Marcel Fortuna via unanimous decision. In a desperate attempt to get back to the win column, both the lightweights started off with fiery exchanges on the feet. Collier was the aggressor landing shots as Fortuna countered moving backwards. The fight stayed on the feet with brief exchanges as Collier pushed forward and Fortuna relying on his counterattacks. But later in the second round Fortuna landed a takedown and then attempted for an arm-triangle choke. Fortuna’s takedowns could not keep his opponent on the ground who resumed back answering with heavy strikes.



What’s Next: Jake Collier is now 3-3 in the UFC – a not so impressive run, but will be continuing his journey in the light heavyweight division. As for Fortuna with two losses in a row, he should be hoping for another chance to rebound from the losses.


Sean Strickland defeated Court McGee via unanimous decision. A back and forth welterweight action that went in the favour of Sean Strickland who began pressing forward using his height and reach advantage and took Court to the ground. Sean was also successful in defending the takedowns and set the pace again with this long jabs and straight rights. Another takedown from Sean saw a scramble for dominant position as they transitioned from one point to another until the decisive moments of the round. Judges initially gave Sean the win via a majority draw but soon changed it to a unanimous decision.


What’s Next: Sean improved his overall record to an impressive 19-2 and has showed a good stand up game tonight. His ground game also looked on point and with more wins in the next year should be able to get a bigger name in the #15 spot.


Nina Ansaroff defeated Angela Hill via unanimous decision. It took a while for Nina to get back in the groove as she initially struggled with the quick movement of Angela Hill early in the first. Hill landed more low kicks and powerful strikes staying busier than her opponent. It was a contest between speed and power as both the strawweight’s were comfortable in a kickboxing fight. Overtime, Nina’s powerful leg kicks had taken a toll on Hill who showed signs of slowing down in her pace and strikes. Till the final round, both the fighters continued trading back and forth with Nina being the more active one. The judges scored a unanimous decision win in favour of Nina.


What’s Next: With a win over a notable opponent, Nina is now 2-2 in the UFC and should continue fighting more often to get even more bigger named fighters from her division.


Sage Northcutt defeated Michel Quinones via unanimous decision. Sage showed no signs of ring rust in his return fight against a seemingly unknown Michel who found it hard to put pressure on his opponent. Sage displayed his usual quickness with flashy kicks and heavy striking that landed well on Michel every time he pressed forward. Michel began to fall back in the scorecard and was aware of his situation which only made him look more desperate with his striking. It was Michel’s toughness that led him to stand and absorb strikes from Sage, but ultimately fell short on the scorecard.




What’s Next: With a dominant performance Sage has once again shown he can hang in there with fighters of Michel’s calibre. But with the welterweight division getting more heated up Sage needs to make sure he stays winning until he can be looked as a top 10 fighter.


Tatiana Suarez defeated Viviane Pereira via unanimous decision. The TUF 23 winner Tatiana returned with a dominant performance over the undefeated Viviane. Right from the start, Tatiana had the height, reach and strength advantage, which she capitalized all through the three rounds controlling 12.5 mins on the ground. Tatiana easily took Viviane to the ground and dominated there with little resistance. Final rounds looked the same with Viviane being outclassed on the feet and on the ground leaving her far behind the scorecard.




What’s Next: Though Tatiana possess the right mix of skills and Octagon presence, but she needs to be tested more to be able to be recognized as a legit threat for anyone from the strawweight division.


Marlon Moraes defeated John Dodson via split decision. Dodson, the smaller bantamweight began moving in and out Marlon’s leg kicks, but quickly landed a big left that sent Marlon to the canvas. A low kick to the groin and an eye poke from Marlon caused Dodson to slow down a bit. Sensing the urge to get ahead of this evenly matched fight, Marlon began landing his right on Dodson who then went for a take down. Marlon kept on charging ahead and Dodson’s countering kept the fight on the feet as they looked to seize every opportunity in the final round. Marlon landed a guillotine choke in the closing seconds of the third round as Dodson tapped as the final bell rang.


What’s Next: Marlon’s debut didn’t go his way but a win over a legit Dodson did improve his UFC record to 1-1. Having challenged Jimmie Riveria, the fight would make another exciting bantamweight scrap.




Clay Guida defeated Joe Lauzon via TKO in the first round. Guida got his 67-second stoppage win and deprived every one of the just bleed moment in this clash of the veteran brawlers. Guida’s movement was too much for Joe who just stood there looking to counter but got rocked by a heavy overhand right. Guida then followed up with an uppercut dropping Joe to the mat and unleashed hammer fists until the referee stepped in at 1:07 secs of the first round.




What’s Next: This being the last fight of Guida’s current UFC contract, a renewal is most likely to happen from both the sides. Guida has expressed his views to finish his career inside the octagon and the UFC should rightly grant him the wish.


Raphael Assuncao defeated Matthew Lopez via KO in the third round. It was a one-sided striking display as Raphael got the best of the striking exchanges by these bantamweights. Raphael began to throw leg kicks which proved to be the game changer as the fight progressed in the later rounds. Lopez was mostly hesitant and could only land a single takedown. More leg kicks began to take a toll on Lopezs’ legs who found it hard to stand and trade. Raphael’s confidence skyrocketed as he kept on buckling his opponent with solid inside leg kicks and thigh kicks. With just a minute and a half left in the final round, Raphael unleashed flying knee but missed and landed a heavy right hand that dropped Lopez unconscious to the ground.


What’s Next: Raphael Assuncao improved his UFC record to a solid 10-2 and can now look to build his case for a title contention next year with a couple of more exciting performances.


Cezar Ferreira defeated Nate Marquardt via split decision. Middleweight veteran Nate had difficulties dealing with the taller Cezar in the opening round and got cut over his right eye dealing with the rangy jabs. Nate turned more cautious in his approach and landed his own right sending a clear message he’s in for a bloody battle. The fight slowed down a bit, but Cezar picked it up with a takedown and a brief scramble. Cezar kept landing crisp shots on Nate and slammed him to the floor to get a dominant position. Nate’s best response was a solid elbow that left the Brazilian bloodied. The back and forth action saw Cezar take a split decision win.



What’s Next: This was a big win for Cezar who managed to win against a much-experienced fighter. Having fallen short against experienced fighters in the past, this win should give him the edge needed to hang in with the top echelon of fighters.


Andrei Arlovski defeated Junior Albini via unanimous decision. Arlovski rebounded after tough losses against the #12 ranked Albini. The fight turned out to be a kickboxing match with neither of the heavyweights engaging in takedowns. Albini kept on moving forward without displaying any emotion but soon began to be overwhelmed by the Pitbull who was more patient and looked for better openings. All through the rounds, they traded heavy blows with Arlovski landing most of the strikes as he bruised Albini’s face.


What’s Next: Arlovski has a knack of turning his career around and with this win could we see another short wind from the 38-year-old heavyweight. He should stick to fighting up and coming prospects till he builds up the case to get another title contention.


Matt Brown defeated Diego Sanchez via KO in first round. Diego Sanchez charged ahead and landed a quick right hand and go for the takedown, something we’ve hardly seen from his earlier fights. Matt Brown got a taste of Diego’s pressure and kept his hands low to defend any more takedown attempts from him. Body kicks to liver have been the Achilles heel for Matt Brown in the past and Diego exploited the same by landing a solid kick that shook Matt for a moment. Diego should have followed up with strikes but surprisingly didn’t – a terrible mistake which costed him the fight. Matt caught another kick from Diezo and backed him to the fence, where he unloaded a right elbow dropping him to the mat head first at 3:44 secs.




Dustin Poirier defeated Anthony Pettis TKO in third round. The main event fight was nothing short of a spectacle as both the lightweights delivered what was expected out of their clash. Dustin took Pettis to the ground and worked him there while he waded off a kimura attempt from the former champion. Dustin’s combinations rocked Pettis who later answered with a spinning backfist. Dustin was successful in his second takedown and landed elbows that sliced open Pettis who began to bleed affecting his vision. Both men now covered in blood as they stood back up and Pettis getting his first takedown. Referee had to stop the fight for a moment to check on Pettis, but resumed the fight on the ground. It was Dustin’s takedowns that got the best of Pettis and in a position where he tried to turn around and somehow got his ribs injured and forced to tap.




What’s Next: Having won against two champions, Dustin should be looking to fight the winner of Justin and Alvarez. He could very well challenge the champion after his next win.

UFC Fight Night 120 Results: Dustin Gets a Weird Win over Bloodied Pettis, Brown Demolishes Sanchez and Arlovski Finally Gets a Win. -UFC Fight Night 120 Results: Dustin Gets a Weird Win over Bloodied Pettis, Brown Demolishes Sanchez and Arlovski Finally Gets a Win. -UFC Fight Night 120 Results: Dustin Gets a Weird Win over Bloodied Pettis, Brown Demolishes Sanchez and Arlovski Finally Gets a Win. -UFC Fight Night 120 Results: Dustin Gets a Weird Win over Bloodied Pettis, Brown Demolishes Sanchez and Arlovski Finally Gets a Win. -UFC Fight Night 120 Results: Dustin Gets a Weird Win over Bloodied Pettis, Brown Demolishes Sanchez and Arlovski Finally Gets a Win. -

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