UFC Fight Night 129 Results: Usman Sends A Strong Message to the Division with a Unanimous Win Over Maia

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Starting off on a slow note, Usman was easily taken down and pinned to the fence where Maia was able to put pressure and secure a takedown later during the first round. Maia continued to rely on taking the fight to the ground, but couldn’t keep Usman on the ground who displayed strong defence game. Maia was able to secure the leading position in the judges scorecard but from the second round, Usman’s striking progressed as kept on tagging Maia. A solid right hand sends Maia to the ground and Usman following up with vicious hammer fists. The final rounds saw the same momentum from Usman who continuously defended takedowns and kept on blasting Maia’s face.

Sohail Syed

Sohail Syed

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