UFC Fight Night 139 Results: Dairush Gets Back to Win Column with a Unanimous Decision

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With both these BJJ black belts colliding inside the Octagon, we expected some high level jiu jitsu between these light weights. Early in the fight, Moises early jumped guard, but Dariush escaped from the guillotine choke, but gets caught in an arm bar which goes wrong and he ended up on the knees. It’s Dariush’s turn for a take down who then takes the back. It’s a constant battle of securing a take down and submission attempts as the fight progresses in second round. Dariush lands some vicious kicks to the body and makes Moises bleed from the nose with his strikes. Clearly Dairush has improved his striking game from his previous performances and looks to lead the fight on the judges scorecard. A clean and dominant win for the Kings MMA fighter who bounced back after unsuccessful last three fights.
Sohail Syed

Sohail Syed

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