UFC Fight Night 143 Results: Greg Hardy Gets Disqualified for Landing an Illegal Knee

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Allen Crowder defeated Greg Hardy via DQ in Round 2

Looks like controversy loves to follow Greg Hardy and tonight it was inside the octagon when the fight ended on controversial note. The former NFL All-Pro, Greg Hardy made his UFC debut but landed in soup due to an illegal knee. Greg Hardy opened the first round on a strong note with his pressure giving no room for Crowder. But the resilient heavyweight took down Hardy and transitions from side control to a crucifix position. By the end of the first round, both the fighters looked gassed out and Greg Hardy for the first time stepped into the second round. With a second wind, Crowder made a comeback but Hardy landed an illegal knee to the side of Crowder’s head as looked to get back up. Crowder improves to 10-3 (1 NC) while Hardy tastes defeat for the first time.

Sohail Syed

Sohail Syed

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