UFC Fight Night 162 Results – Demian Maia Chokes Out Ben Askren in Round 3

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Demian Maia defeated Ben Askren via Submission in Round 3

Demian Maia made history by becoming the second fighter to have the most UFC wins (22) and second most submission wins (11) in the UFC after he chocked out Ben Askren in the main event. Ben Askren was coming off a huge loss against Masvidal and needed a much sought after win in this grappler’s contest. The first round was all about stand up exchanges between Maia and Askren. Maia put on a striking display in the first round until he as taken down by Askren. In the second Askren began to let loose his hands and began tagging Maia with short Diaz’esque pepper shots that eventually opened up cut on Maia. Askren scored another takedown late in the round but Maia quickly reversed it and forced Askren to scramble back to feet. With the third round now in the books, Maia appeared to slow down, while Askren’s confidence began to grow. But Askren’s takedown costed him a big deal as Maia once again swept him and attempted a heel hook. Maia then proceeded to take three-quarter mount, forcing Askren to give up his back. Once he was in a dominant back position, Maia just wrapped up a RNC and forced Askren to tap who appeared to have been choked for a moment.

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