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UFC Fight Night: Blaydes vs Volkov: Main Card results, play by play, highlights

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Jay Rock
Jay Rock
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This Sunday, UFC is back with another banger fight night card featuring top heavyweight prospects in Curtis Blaydes and Alexander Volkov.

Blaydes vs Volkov

The fight is taking place at UFC’s Apex facility in Las Vegas, Nevada. The co-main event features an absolute banger of a featherweight bout between Josh Emmett and Shane Burgos.



Lightweight: Austin Hubbard (12-4, 2-2 UFC) defeats Max Rohskopf (5-1, 0-1 UFC) by second-round TKO

Post-fight scrum:

“I seen him shaking his head and I heard the ref saying, “it’s over” and I was like, “what really?” I’ve never experienced that, I’m not complaining, I got the finish so I’ll take it. Once I was popping up right away off those takedowns and he couldn’t control me at all, especially when he did surprise me a little bit on those rolls, where he got my legs. I defended them and got out pretty quick and got back up and I think it scared him.

I think he realized he was in over his head a little bit and I think also that he knew he had nothing for me on the feet and I had a lot for him, so. I think he realized he’s in over his head, he’s a very talented person, a lot of good attributes, but he’s really green in his career still, he’s 5-0. There’s a lot to learn, I think someone told me he fought one opponent over 500. This is the next level, I fought a lot of people that were really good before I got here into the UFC. I won multiple regional titles before I got here to the UFC and I’m really thankful about that. I got into the UFC at 10-2 which seems kinda long, it was longer at the time than I wanted, but it gave me that experience that I need to be here now and I’m super thankful for that and I’m looking forward to the future,” Hubbard said.

Women’s flyweight: Lauren Murphy (13-4, 5-4 UFC) defeats Roxanne Modafferi (24-18, 3-6 UFC) by unanimous decision

Post-fight scrum:

“I have the longest win streak in the flyweight division right now and all of my wins are over ranked opponents. Nobody else in the flyweight division can say that. I knocked out the No. 12 contender, I beat Andrea Lee and she was ranked No. 7 and I was a 4-1 underdog in that fight. I believe I was the underdog, in fact I’ve been the underdog in every fight I’ve had at flyweight and I think almost every fight that I had at bantamweight. I’m 4-1 in this division and my last three wins are over ranked opponents, my only loss is to someone that’s is now a bantamweight and she was undefeated at flyweight. I definitely deserve a spot in the top 5, I think I deserve a spot on the women’s pound-for-pound list and I want to fight Cynthia Calvillo next.

She’s the girl to beat right now. She’s a really, really excellent fighter. She walked right into the division and she took the No. 2 spot and I think that’s a great matchup for me. I think I can beat her and I want to show everybody that I can,” Murphy said.

Lightweight: Justin Jaynes (16-4, 1-0 UFC) defeats Frank Camacho (22-9, 2-5 UFC) by first-round TKO

Post-fight scrum:

“I can’t say that I’m surprised, I knew what the game plan was, come in the pocket and throw some heat. If he gets caught early, he gets caught early, if he gets caught late, he gets caught late. I’m glad we’re in, we’re out, I’m happy about it, can’t say that I’m not happy about it.

I feel like I am the most overlooked fighter around. I’m hoping with that performance that people aren’t going to overlook me anymore. Frank, like you said, he’s a veteran of the sport, it’s his seventh UFC fight, I’m a fan of Frank, it was an honor to be in the cage with him, I’m super excited, this is like a dream come true. I’m kind of at a loss for words.

I’m just going to come in, I’m going to go forward and I’m going to try and slug. I don’t really care to wrestler or grappler, I just want to get in and get some highlight reel knockouts. It’s what my goal is, I want people tomorrow to look at this and go, “Oh s***, that was pretty awesome”. I have no interest in grinding out decisions, I want to get in here and just scrap and throw leather and hurt people,” Jaynes said.

Women’s flyweight: Gillian Robertson (8-4, 5-2 UFC) defeats Cortney Casey (9-8, 5-7 UFC,) by third-round rear-naked choke.

Post-fight scrum:

I actually saw a chart saying that I was equal with Ronda Rousey last week, and I was like, “holy s***, that’s awesome.” So, now to see that I have the most submissions in women’s UFC history, it’s mind blowing right now, it’s just the beginning of my career. I’m going to set that record and I’m going to push it even father so that no one can break it.

I feel spectacular, but I guess I’m just waiting for the next matchup. I’m waiting to break those records, I love that I’m in line with them, but I want to be on top of them. We’re going to be in there every month if I could do it perfectly. I’m here to fight, I’m here to scrap, this is what I love to do, this is what I was born to do and I’m here to do it.

I definitely knew that arm bar would be dangerous and she was going for it the whole fight, I felt her keep on attempting it. When she did actually go for it, she had her fingers on the inside of my glove here, so she was pulling my arm in more by pulling my glove. So that’s why I said something to the ref, but obviously it doesn’t matter in the end, I’m still there to fight, I’m there to fight to the death, so I’m content with that and I’m just going to go for the throat consistently until then,” Robertson said.

Middleweight: Marc-Andre Barriault (12-4, 1-3 UFC) defeats Oskar Piechota (11-4-1, 2-4 UFC) by third-round TKO

Post-fight scrum: 

It means a lot man, just to liberate myself with everything going on right now. I did it for me, first of all, for my fans, for my team, for my family, for everybody, but for me it’s a good feeling, it’s amazing and of course I will enjoy it very good this summer.

Because the last year and everything was overwhelming, all the experience for my UFC year. Like I said before, during all this crazy time, I just work on myself, I reconnect with my old route, so here I am with my old team, the best version of me, so tonight you saw everything.

I worked a lot on my mindset, just to reconnect my body and my mind. Just to be me during the moment, just float with everything, not thinking too much, just all action. I felt he was strong during the first round, so he hit me with a couple of good shots, but I stayed composed and I just worked the game plan. The game plan was just to let everything loose, be confident, just work the timing and let the hands go, so that’s what I did.

If the UFC gives me this type of guy, of opponent, I will put on a very good show. My past three fights, those guys were kind of, they taste my power right away so they just wrestle me. Right now, I want to fight, I want more, let’s go,” Barriult said.

Strawweight: Tecia Torres (10-5, 6-5 UFC) defeats Brianna Van Buren (9-2, 1-0 UFC) via unanimous decision.

Post-fight scrum: 

I feel elated that it’s over with, I’m happy that I got that victory. I believe, like anybody in the top 15, one or two wins you can get right back into that talking game, so I feel like that gets my back into some type of talking and in my next fight I will get a game opponent and hopefully go from there and make my way back to the top 5.

I’m coming off some tough losses, they weren’t bad losses, they’re against champions. If you are in there against champions and you do what I did and you didn’t get the s*** beat out of you I think you still need to be talked about. I wanted that win, I need that win kind of and I got it.

I really thought she would try to take me down and grab me the entire time, and that’s what she did, I don’t think she wanted to strike with me. No question about being done, I’m still relatively young, I’ve been in the sport for a long time, but I’m 30 and my body is able and I’ll do it until I get to that point where I, I want to go for that title shot, I want to be champion, I truly believe that I can be champion. It’s just me having me perform,” Torres said.

Lightweight: Clay Guida (35-16, 15-13 UFC)vs defeats Bobby Green (24-10-1, 5-5-1 UFC) via unanimous decision

Post-fight scrum:

To fight a legend, I beat a hall of famer. That’s awesome, that’s a great win in my bucket, that’s dope because he’s a household name, it means a lot. This is the thing, I think that, since it was more quiet, they were able to see more and they’re able to hear more, they’re able to pay more attention, not to what the crowd is giving, so I thought that played a key thing too.

To be honest, I always try to keep my numbers higher than the other fighter on all my number except for, he was able to get those takedowns going, so I wasn’t sure how they were going to judge things. I like to make sure, they look like they could tell he’s not doing anything with them, he’s more so holding me and it’s not even a good position, he’s not scoring off of it, so thank god they were able to see those things.

It was tricky, he was very slippery. Trying to touch him, he’d make these adjustments. They know me well, those guys have been around me for years, we have friends that know each other, so he knew a lot of my traits, so it’s good,” Green said.


Roosevelt Roberts vs Jim Miller

ROUND 1: Roberts slips and goes down and Miller now on top position which nullifies his height and reach advantage. Miller submits Roberts with an armbar.

Roberts nearly scrambled out from the bottom, but Miller transitioned to armbar and got the verbal tap. Pretty big betting upset there. Miller moves to 21 UFC wins.

Result: Jim Miller (31-14 1 NC, 20-13 UFC) defeats Roosevelt Roberts (10-1, 4-1 UFC) via submission in the opening round.

Post-fight scrum: 

It means the most to me it really does, I feel the weight on my shoulders to do the right things and live my life like that and keep that respect because I’ve earned it by the way I carry myself. When guys who have worn the belt around their waist and have been perennial contenders and coaches who have coaches against me come up to me and show me that respect, it’s amazing. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

I feel like I have a responsibility to the Roosevelts, the guys coming up. I’m not perfect, I don’t do everything perfect and that’s obvious, but I do this with the utmost respect for the athletes that share the Octagon with me. I feel like we need it, especially with the way things are going right now in 2020. Just showing some respect for people that are grinding right alongside you and their grind might be a little bit different, their path might be a little bit different, but everyone is dealing with things.

I did deal with lyme disease for a few years and I fought some guys who went on to fight for title and were former champions when I was dealing with it and I wouldn’t take it back. I wouldn’t take any of it back because I’ve seen the other struggles that other fighters have had to deal with, just because mine is different doesn’t mean that mine is any tougher. I love this sport, I miss the fans, it sucks not having that. Anybody that’s willing to bust their ass and get inside the Octagon and earn that spot, nobody is given it, you have to earn it and come out here and compete. It’s not easy, it’s not an easy lifestyle and I have a ton of respect for anyone that does it,” Miller said.

Belal Muhammad vs Lyman Good

ROUND 1: Belal opens the round with a low kick and now Good fires up a combination. Belal firing up his jabs from a long-range and then follows it up with an overhand right that misses. Switch in stance from Belal and it seems to be working for him and his lateral movement is affecting Lyman Good. Both fighters exchange high kicks which are partially blocked by both fighters.

ROUND 2:Both fighters start the round by firing jabs, but Good looks stiff and is looking to land a haymaker. Belal’s lateral movement is making it hard for Good to connect. Belal scores a takedown, but both fighters quickly take to their feet. Nice right hand connects for Good with 3 minutes left on the clock. Now he follows up with a left hand, but Belal returns the favour with a left of his own followed by a combination. He’s moving away from the right very well, even when he switches into southpaw to trigger the right so he redirects and counters with a left. Good catches Belal with a right hand that seemed to have hurt him a little bit.

ROUND 3: Belal fires up with a high kick and then follows up with a straight right hand. Inside low kick lands for Good and now Belal is bleeding hard. Good lands a hard right hand that drops Belal and this definitely hurt him.

Lyman Good is closing in into the fight in the third round and is fighting with a sense of urgency. With a minute left on the clock, Belal scores a takedown and now tries to sink an RNC on Good and he finishes the round strong.

Welterweight: Belal Muhammad (16-3, 7-3 UFC) defeats Lymon Good (21-5, 3-2 UFC) via unanimous decision.

Post-fight scrum: Coming soon

Raquel Pennington vs. Marion Reneau

ROUND 1: Marion firing those jabs a little out of range. Pennington comes firing jabs of her own. Left hook from Pennington lands clean on Marion and now she continuously lands knee on the clinch. Low kicks from Reneau and a 1-2. Pennington steps in on a three punch combo. Low kick from Pennington and a left hook to right hand.

ROUND 2: Low blow knee from Reneau and Pennington cries out. Ref steps in to give her time to recover. Pennington counters with a nice combo and they clinch up to jockey for position. Body knee from Reneau and another as she backs Pennington up. Slapping hook over the top and Pennington lands a knee to the body.

ROUND 3: Marion Reneau comes out swinging in the third round. She is fighting with a sense of urgency as she scores an early takedown. Pennington fires an elbow that lands clean on Reneau and now lands multiple punch combination.

Women’s bantamweight: Raquel Pennington (10-9, 7-5 UFC) defeats Marion Reneau (9-5-1, 5-4-1 UFC) via unanimous decision.

Josh Emmett vs Shane Burgos

ROUND 1: Both fighters keeping their distance and Emmett clips Burgos with a hard right hand. Emmett showing tremendous speed in the opening round, but Burgos keeps moving forward. Burgos is getting hit way too much in the opening round. Emmett ends the round with two back to back punches.

ROUND 2: Shane Burgos now firing jab from long range and Emmett seems to be having trouble with his knees, but he continuous to throw huge blows. Inside kick by Burgos and now he is continuously attacking that knee, but Emmett keeps throwing his right hand in the meantime. Burgos with a jab and a front kick and a nice uppercut. Counter jab and a kick from Burgos. ANd a low kick again. A jab from Burgos. and a 1-2. Emmett with two left hooks.

ROUND 3: Emmett leaps into Burgos’ guard and he’s posturing up landing hard shots. Burgos kicks off and stands up. Emmett goes to the body and lands a left over the top. Right upstairs too. Burgos with the low kick. Burgos lands a low blow that forces Emmett to take a break.

Emmett lands an inside leg kick followed by an overhand right on Burgos. A hard right hand drops Burgos and the Emmett quickly scrambles and lands some ground and pound. Both fighters landing some heavy punches in this fight, but neither fighter is backing down.

Featherweight:  Josh Emmett (15-2, 6-2 UFC) defeats Shane Burgos (13-1, 6-1 UFC) via unanimous decision.

Alexander Volkov vs Curtis Blaydes

ROUND 1: Curtis Blaydes takes down Volkov in the first ten seconds of the fight. Blaydes maintaining his dominant position and lands some potshots on him. He is also kicking Volkov while maintaining the top position. Blaydes now has Volkov under double underhooks. Volkov trying to get Kimura, but fails to do anything substantial.

ROUND 2: Blaydes lands a right hand on Volkov and then tries to go for the takedown. Volkov eats an overhand right and quickly gets taken down. Blaydes on top in Volkov’s guard out in the middle of the cage. Chances that Volkov gets out of this feel slim. Blaydes putting together some solid GnP from guard. Blaydes is now trying to land his signature elbow and it’s the same elbow that inflicted heavy damage on Overeem. He scores another takedown with 10-seconds left on the clock.

ROUND 3: Volkov has lower his base, but it hardly has any effect on Blaydes, as the American continues to beat the Russian to the punch. Blaydes goes for two back to back takedowns, but great takedown defense from Volkov. A knee lands for Blaydes and now he has Volkov trapped on the fence. Volkov is trying to get into a guillotine position but to no avail.

ROUND 4: Volkov starts the round with a kick, but Blaydes turns around and scores a takedown. Volkov breaks the grip, throws a right hand and Blaydes immediately shoots in on the hips to put him on the fence again. The referee stands both fighters in their feet and Volkov immediately lands a right hand and he goes to his corner bleeding from his nose.

ROUND 5: Curtis looks tried in the final round and he is backing up. Volkov lands a kick to the face and now Blaydes is in survival mode. Blaydes shoots for another takedown and easily manages to secure it and it was a much-needed one for him as the Russian was beating him to the punch in the final round.



Heavyweight: Curtis Blaydes (13-2 1 NC, 9-2 1 NC, UFC) defeats Alexander Volkov (31-7, 5-1 UFC) via unanimous decision.















UFC Fight Night: Blaydes vs Volkov: Main Card results, play by play, highlights - BlaydesUFC Fight Night: Blaydes vs Volkov: Main Card results, play by play, highlights - BlaydesUFC Fight Night: Blaydes vs Volkov: Main Card results, play by play, highlights - BlaydesUFC Fight Night: Blaydes vs Volkov: Main Card results, play by play, highlights - BlaydesUFC Fight Night: Blaydes vs Volkov: Main Card results, play by play, highlights - Blaydes

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