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UFC Fight Night: Eye vs Calvillo: Main Card results, play by play, highlights

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Jay Rock
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UFC is back in Las Vegas with another fight night card featuring flyweight contender Jessica Eye and flyweight debutant Cynthia Calvillo.

The fight is taking place at the Apex Center with an exciting co-main event featuring a middleweight match-up between Marvin Vettori and Karl Robertson.

Eye vs Calvillo



  • Merab Dvalishvili def. Gustavo Lopez by unanimous decision (30-26 x2, 30-25): 140-pounds


“In my life, everything changes, I never know what will happen, but I’m ready for war. Unfortunately, Ray Borg pulled out. God bless him and his family. I got a new opponent on short notice. I didn’t care who it was. I’m here to fight because I love fighting. Thanks to my team.

“I was ready for everything. I knew he had knockout power. I was expecting a good fight. I tried to stay smart, not rush, and make no mistakes. One punch can change everything. I stayed smart. I tried to control the fight and win dominantly.

Big respect for Sean O’Malley. His last performance was great, but I want him to be my next opponent. Let’s make this fight happen,” Merab said.

  • Julia Avila def. Gina Mazany by two at:22 of round 1: (W) Bantamweight
  • Tyson Nam def. Zarrukh Adashev by KO at:32 of round 1: Flyweight


“His only chance was to come out hard from the start, but I’m going to fight fire with fire. I always say these guys can hit hard, but I hit harder.

“I’ve always had something to give the fans. As fans of MMA, if you aren’t watching me you’re missing out. I should have been here a long time ago. It feels so good to finally show everybody what I can do. If someone wants to fight with me, I’m going to put people to sleep.

“I got out-pointed my first two fights—not out-classed. When people want to fight me, exciting things will happen. I think No. 10 right now is Matt Schnell, so I’m going to put him on blast,” Nam said.

  • Christian Aguilera def. Anthony Ivy by TKO at:59 of round 1: Welterweight


Mariya Agapova def. Hannah Cifers by TKO at 2:42 of round 1: Flyweight


“I feel amazing. It was cool. I’m very happy. My dreams have come true. After losing on Dana White’s Contender Series, I didn’t go home. I stayed in America and worked hard to make my dream come true. I’m in the UFC now. Shana Dobson, stop running away from me. Let’s fight here,” Mariya said.

Jordan Espinosa vs Mark De La Rosa

ROUND 1:Both fighters start with leg kicks, but Espinosa showing terrific footwork and leg kicks. Espinosa firing his jab and catching Rosa with his ring hand. Back to back sidekicks from Espinosa and he is constantly firing leg kicks and jabs.

Rosa pushes Espinosa towards the cage, but the New Mexico native manages to land a knee to the body. Rosa constantly looking for the takedown as Espinosa keeps firing his elbows that lands flush on Rosa’s face.

ROUND 2: Espinosa starts the second round like he did the first. Constant firing of leg kicks and jabs taking place. A beautiful leg kick to the body lands on Rosa, but he doesn’t look fazed. Espinosa landing clean combos on De La Rosa and now Rosa is looking for a takedown, but Espinosa displaying superior takedown defense.

Rosa is taking huge shots from Espinosa but he has displayed good chin so far.

ROUND 3: Double jab lands for Espinosa and now he goes for the takedown. Both fighters trading heavy blows in the middle of the Octagon. Espinosa landing huge elbows on Rosa and now Rosa is in survival mode as Espinosa goes for a D’Arce chokehold.

Rosa escapes the chokehold as Espinosa shoots for a takedown and successfully scoring one. With 30-second left on the clock, Espinosa avoiding engagement right now.

RESULT: Jordan Espinosa defeats Charles De La Rosa via unanimous decision. 


“I feel great. My last two fights barely went two and a half minutes each. This was the fight I needed—to go three rounds and get tested. It’s about that time. It’s been over a year since my last win. It feels awesome. I was able to show a wide range of my skills.

“I noticed early that the jab was working. In the third, he put a pace on me. I took that opportunity to get some takedowns, because he was being over-aggressive. I just kept sticking with what was working.

“It was weird because when I got in there, I had zero nerves at all. I think fighting on Dana White’s Contender Series helped with that. I’m trying to get on Fight Island. I’ve never been overseas before. Tyson Nam just got a knockout. I’d be down to fight him,” Espinosa said.

Andre Fili vs. Charles Jourdain

ROUND 1: Jourdain gets clipped with a hard right hand and then lands a counter right hand. Fili with a high leg kick that lands flush and then follows it up with a combination and a left kick that wobbled Jourdain.

Body kick lands for Fili and then follows up with a leg kick. Spinning backfist missed for Jourdain, but then he lands a hard right hand that dropped Fili. Fili and Jourdain exchange heavy blows and Fili takes him down with just 10-seconds left on the clock.

ROUND 2: Back to back straight jabs put Jourdain on the back foot and now a leg kick lands flush on the Canadian. Jourdain fires a combination and is able to land couple of punches on Fili.

Great exchanges of leg kick with 90-seconds left on the clock. Both fighters were able to catch each other with great punches. Fili then scores a takedown but fails to manage the position as Jourdain gets up from the canvas.

ROUND 3: Huge leg kick from Fili wobbles Jourdain, but he is able to gain his composure back. Fili is dictating the action of the fight in the third round and is dominant so far in the round. Jourdain catches Fili with a hard right hand, but he isn’t fazed by it and keeps moving forward.

RESULT: Andre Fili defeats Charles Jourdain via split decision.


“I was begging God. Man, I don’t understand (the split decision). I really feel like I didn’t perform as well as I could have. I’m my own hardest critic. If you scored that fight for him, I don’t know what fight you were watching. Respect to Jourdain. He was telling me I won the fight.

“I was having fun out there and balancing that with listening to my coaches. You’ve got to find that balance between fighting smart, and then feeling it and having fun. I don’t want to have competitive fights. I want to blow people out of the water. I want to be dominant. This kid was really good. I really think Charles Jourdain is going to make a lot of waves in this sport.

“I want a big name. I’m tired of people looking at me like I’m just a regular UFC fighter. I want a big name next. I’m going to go back and talk with my team. A lot of guys just get on the mic and shout names. That’s not my style,” Fili said.

Charles Rosa vs. Kevin Aguilar

ROUND 1: Both fighters firing jabs early throwing sidekicks. Rosa fires back a couple of inside leg kicks and Aguilar is trying to close distance with little luck. Overhand right lands for Aguilar and a high kick lands for Rosa. Rosa shoots for a takedown but fails to execute it as Aguilar shows superior takedown defense.

ROUND 2: Rosa fighting off with a karate stance moving in and out of Aguilar’s range. Rosa hurt Aguilar at the end of the second round with heavy combinations. He had Aguilar on wobbly legs and was saved by the bell.

ROUND 3: Rosa bleeding heavily in the early in the third and Aguilar doubles down with his leg kicks. Body kick from Aguilar. Rosa lands a left and another and Aguilar with the counter right. Aguilar goes to the body and then body kick from Rosa followed by a low kick from Aguilar.

RESULT: Charles Rosa defeats Kevin Aguilar via split decision

Karl Roberson vs. Marvin Vettori

ROUND 1: Both fighters feeling each other out in the opening round. Vettori throws a straight jab that lands on Robertson. For a moment, Robertson had Vettori in rear-naked chokehold, but the Italian managed to escape and scored a takedown of his own and now has Robertson in an underhook as he is looking for a guillotine.

Vettori with heavy ground and pound on Robertson and he sinks in an RNC and makes Robertson tap.

RESULT: Marvin Vettori defeats Karl Robertson via submission in the first round

Jessica Eye vs. Cynthia Calvillo

ROUND 1: Both fighters throwing jabs early as Calvillo lands a straight right hand on Eye. Eye is getting beaten to the punch by Calvillo in the opening round. Calvillo lands a high kick on Eye which landed flush. Cynthia landed a kick, but Eye catches it and tries to ankle pick her, but Calvillo gets out of the range.

ROUND 2: Calvillo starts the round bouncing on her feet and fighting on the outside. Eye lands a right hook on Calvillo and then lands an inside low kick.

Cynthia Calvillo scored a takedown and now maintaining a top position and landing flush punches on Eye. So far Eye is negating Calvillo’s top position, but at the end of the round, Calvillo goes for the RNC, but fails to execute it,

ROUND 3: Eye starts the round firing straight jabs. Calvillo fires solid combinations and catches Eye flush. Cynthia Calvillo now dominating on the ground as she is on top of Eye looking for a submission.

ROUND 4: Cynthia scores a takedown early into the round. After a dominating ground position, the fight is back on the feet. Eye with a counter right but eats a hard shot on the exit. Both women land lefts and then trade hooks inside. Long left from Calvillo and then a 1-2 to the body.

ROUND 5: Jab followed by an uppercut lands for Jessica Eye. Great counters from Eye in the final round, but Calvillo hits her with a right hand of her own.

Both fighters trading heavy blows at the centre of the Octagon and now spinning back fist lands for Calvillo. Calvillo takes Eye down and lands hammer fists on her. A completely dominant performance by Calvillo.

RESULT: Cynthia Calvillo def. Jessica Eye via unanimous decision






UFC Fight Night: Eye vs Calvillo: Main Card results, play by play, highlights - EyeUFC Fight Night: Eye vs Calvillo: Main Card results, play by play, highlights - EyeUFC Fight Night: Eye vs Calvillo: Main Card results, play by play, highlights - EyeUFC Fight Night: Eye vs Calvillo: Main Card results, play by play, highlights - EyeUFC Fight Night: Eye vs Calvillo: Main Card results, play by play, highlights - Eye

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