UFC Fighter Bryce Mitchell thinks Coronavirus was made by the government

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UFC featherweight Bryce Mitchell thinks the goverment created the Coronavirus.

The Coronavirus epidemic has engulfed the whole planet into chaos. More and more people around the world are testing positive for Coronavirus. This outbreak has resulted in many folks losing their jobs, cancellation of sporting events and political rallies, closure of businesses, etc.

Bryce Mitchell

UFC has also had to cancel three of its fight cards because of the outbreak. According to Mitchell, the government created the virus to cause some type of chaos for money.

I blame the government. I really do. It’s usually who I blame for everything. I think the coronavirus was made by the government,” Mitchell told MMA Junkie in a recent interview. “I think the good government made the damn virus and I think that they infected the people on purpose to cause some type of chaos. There’s some people making good money and stuff.”


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