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UFC: Francis Ngannou finally breaks his silence over his UFC 226 performance

In the co-main event of UFC 226, fans were fortunate enough to witness two of the most brutal knockout artists of the UFC’s heavyweight division (who also legitimately hate each other) locking horns. It was expected to be Fight of the Night or one of the fighters should have earned a Knockout of the Night, it rather turned out to be an awfully boring snooze-fest. Both fighters even resisted to engage too much and spent the entire fifteen minutes of the fight feinting. While Derrick Lewis was spared by the wrath of the fans, pundits and the UFC management because his injury was preventing him to charge forward, Francis Ngannou who was fully fit and still was the lesser aggresive of both the fighters faced everyone’s anger.


Ngannou has now released a statement on his Twitter account about the fight. Here’s what he had to say:

I am not proud of my last performance. I have carried my fear from the last fight to this one. I completely understand the frustration and anger that it has caused my fans, coaches, teammates, family and friends and I am truly sorry for that. I won’t let anyone else down again. All I can do now is prove myself and make you proud again. #UFC226

You can read Ngannou’s tweet below:






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