UFC: Georges St-Pierre says the Nick Diaz fight is ‘not worth it’, opens up about future plans

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Earlier this month UFC president Dana White announced that the UFC is working on a super fight between former welterweight and middleweight champion Georges ‘Rush’ St-Pierre and  fan favourite Nate Diaz at 155 pounds at UFC 227 on August 4. Since the news came from the President itself, dismissed the possibility of it being a rumour and got the fans all excited.

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However their excitement was turned down as Nate Diaz posted on Facebook in his own style denying to fight St-Pierre. Nate Diaz accused St-Pierre of taking performance enhancing drugs when he fought his brother Nick Diaz at UFC 158 back in 2013.

St-Pierre appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience on Wednesday and claimed that he and his team actually contemplated this idea.

“I considered it,” St-Pierre said. “And I analyzed it, and I talked with Firas (Zahabi), with my trainer and everybody. We were all on the same page on that, it’s not worth it.

“Nate Diaz is an incredible fighter, very well-rounded. However, if you put yourself in my shoes, there’s nothing good that can come out of it except money, and money is not the only thing drives me. If I beat Nate Diaz decisively, most people will say, ‘Ah, he took an easy fight,’ or whatever. The critics will say, ‘He’s a bully. He fought a smaller guy.’ Maybe he’s not even smaller than me. A lot of 155er guys are bigger than me right now. He’s a big guy. He’s about the same size as me, but because I competed at 170 for most of my career, it will make me look bad. It will make me look like a bully, and this is if I win decisively.

“If I win and it’s like a war, back and forth, people will say, ‘Ah, you suck.’ And if I get beat, oh my God, forget it. For my legacy, it’s the end of the world. All of the work I put in is finished. And I could have a bad day. Something that I discovered during my career is that, being the strongest man in the world, that was my dream when I was young. That’s why I did UFC. I wanted to be the strongest man in the world. And I realized over the years, it did not exist. You cannot be the strongest man in the world. This is an illusion.”

Speaking about his future plans St-Pierre has kept the door open on a potential UFC return.

“I don’t have much left,” St-Pierre said. “And for what I have left, I want to make the big fight, the fight that the fans want to see, want to enjoy. I want, personally for me, to achieve something that is unique, that is rare, that maybe has never been attempted before. That would be something that excites me. And I’m not only driven by money. It’s good to have money, we like money, it drives us all, including myself, but it’s not the unique thing that drives me. There needs to be more than money. There needs to be some kind of achievement that comes with that would excite me.

“Satisfaction is a death blow,” St-Pierre continued.

“If you’re satisfied, if you’re a champion and you’re satisfied: Retire, man, because you’re going down. You’re finished. You’re going to get hurt, as an athlete, especially in our game. Everything I do, I go further and further. That’s why I didn’t want to fight Nate Diaz, because if I fight Nate Diaz, it’s been done before. It’s not exciting for me. And I would be going into that fight satisfied, and if I do that, it’s very dangerous. I want to do something like … 155, I never did it before, [getting that] title. Or beating a certain guy that he’s on a freaking rise.”

Despite of bulking to the middleweight limit of 185 pounds in his last fight against Michael Bisping, St-Pierre seems to like Dana White’s idea of 155 pounds.

“It could be Khabib,” St-Pierre acknowledged of his return.

“The thing is with Khabib, he called me out. Physically, now is not a good time for me. I need to wait a little bit. However, I feel the 155 division now, it’s Conor (McGregor), the champion, there’s (Tony) Ferguson but I think Ferguson is out, and there’s other guys too, but those are the two guys: Conor and Khabib. But Khabib now I think is the champion, but he needs to fight maybe Conor to be [the man].”

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