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UFC GYM coming to India

So while the UFC may not have brought a fight card yet to India or planning any soon…they are bringing their brand of gyms down to the country and have already got a partner to help them do so, in fact in a big way, 100 gym locations throughout India til 2028.  Artaxerxes Fitness & Lifestyle P.U.T. LTD, led by franchisees Istayak Ansari and Farzad Palia, will open the first location later this year in Andheri West, Mumbai, with an average of 10 clubs debuting across the country annually beginning in early 2018.

So keeping away from all the fancy talk that the corporate honchos feed everyone, what does this mean for the Indian consumer? There is already a surge of MMA gyms providing mixed martial arts training in the country even though it’s a very niche market. Will the common gym goer be attracted to the UFC brand or will it mainly be UFC fans who want to feel close to the UFC brand and this will be their way of getting a piece of it?

Either ways it remains to be seen if there’s enough business to go around to support the very ambitious plans they have to expand to the second biggest market in the world.



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