UFC: James Vick issues classy statement after knockout loss to Justin Gaethje

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Fight Night 135 in Lincoln, Nebraska last weekend featured a guaranteed slugfest as #7 ranked lightweight Justin ‘The Highlight’ Gaethje took on #10 ranked James ‘The Texecutioner’ Vick.

The bad blood between the two fueled the excitement leading upto the matchup. Gaethje promises to deliver a war each time he steps inside the octagon. However it was a different story this time around as it didn’t need him more than a round to get the job done. Gaethje landed a massive overhand right to shut the lights of Vick. Vick was concussed upto the level that he tried to take Gaethje down even a minute after the fight was stopped. Vick took to Instagram to break the silence about his loss with a classy statement. (via Instagram):

“Worst night of my life last night,” Vick said. “Thank you [Justin Gaethje] for the opportunity. Tho confident in myself I did always respect you. I said what I said to get and promote the fight. You are a class act and I do appreciate your kind words last night. I have no excuses. I was in shape, healthy and confident. I blew it. For all those that believed in me and support me I am truly sorry. I will go back and keep training and loving this life of being a fighter and a martial artist. This is the life I have chose and I guess this comes with the territory. Thanks to all my friends, family and teammates for the support and thank you [UFC] for the opportunity.”

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