UFC: Jessica Rose-Clark happy about how the MMA community received her comments on Greg Hardy

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Jessica Rose-Clark had some strong opinions about UFC’s decision to sign Greg Hardy recently. Clark held nothing back while expressing her displeasure and she received some supportive comments from the MMA community as well.

Jessica Rose-Clark had a strong take on Greg Hardy (PC: Twitter)

In a recent interview, Clark revealed that she is happy about how everyone received her comments on Greg Hardy.

“I only saw three people reacting negatively, and the things that those people said were (expletive) disgusting. So I’m led to believe the people that said that aren’t of very reputable character anyway. But 99.9 per cent of the responses I got were extremely supportive, and they were happy that someone was actually speaking honestly and truthfully about the situation. I know how the general public reacts to domestic violence, and especially within an elite sport. So I’m happy that it was so positive,” she said. (via MMA Junkie)

The signing of Hardy had created a string of controversies as he had a history of domestic violence.


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