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5 biggest myths about MMA

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5 biggest myths about MMA - MMA
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We are in the age of technology where the virtual and online games vanquish physical games. Kids and adults are spending their most of the time by indulging in the online genre of the game. But still, some sports like MMA are loved by all and have the capability to attract people.

There are some games like wrestling or WWE/WWF that have an excellent reputation among the youth. There is no doubt that we are the generation which has grown by watching some wildest games like RAW and WWE. The grand entry of the Undertaker, power of Triple H, and the cool style of John Cena fascinated us.

Mixed martial arts, popularly known as MMA, has no long history like other games. It was started in the Mid ’90s and now equally established its roots and has a fan base like other action sports. The mixed martial arts is the combination of wrestling, boxing, judo, kickboxing, and karate. And in the past two decades, it has converted into pop culture of youth.

Like other games, the mixed martial arts game also has some myths and lies that have been roaming along with the competition among the game lovers. So, we are going to check out some of the biggest myths of MMA.

1) MMA is banned

It is one of the biggest myths of all in the sport of MMA. Indeed, there was a time when a person called senator McCain had achieved success by making the MMA banned in several bigger cities and places. But now it is totally legal and running successfully in a large number of cities.

A notion that is widely quoted that MMA is the game of corrupt and moral-less cities. But the fact it is legally running over 50 states and getting the enormous love of fans all over the world. 

In fact, you can also do betting in MMA. For a great experience, you can do live betting on all Indian sports with 10cric. 

2) No Rules in MMA

Yet another prevalent myth of all time is that MMA sport has no sets of rules and regulations. There was a time when MMA used to be renowned for its frivolous rules, but with time, all have changed. The UFC had introduced various strict rules and categories for the game like weight class, five minutes round, scoring of pints and time limits, and many more.

3) MMA is way fiercer than Boxing

One of the exciting and astonishing myths of mixed martial arts game says the sport of MMA is way more aggressive and dangerous in comparison to the sport of boxing. Boxing is a game of tradition and has a very long history in the states of North America. Boxing has produced names like Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali for the world. But to say that boxing is a little safer or MMA is fiercer is too biased one.

Both games have a different set of rules that make them attractive and equally safer for the fighters. In the initial days, MMA fighters used to fight without donning the gloves, but the rules have changed now.   

4) MMA is a fake sport

The critics of the game say that it has a weird structure and foolish sets of rules that make it unnatural match and should be considered as a counterfeit sport. But on the other side of the hand, the followers want something different and unique to cheer.

There is no doubt about the legitimacy of the game. It has acquired the equal treatment from the several athletic commissions of the states as same as boxing. The UFC has also associated with the United States anti-doping agency.    

5) MMA fighters are violent outside the ring too.

Yet another massive and unreasonable myth that has been wandering on the streets of the gaming world! Certainly, mixed martial arts is a violent sport in comparison to other games. But the fights are not fierce outside of the ring in contrast to the ring. Every single fighter will face the legal consequences if they do something which is above the law or infringement of the law.

And mixed martial arts is popularly known for its discipline and homage towards every person.  


So, these were the most prominent top 5 myths of all time about the mixed martial arts sport. The game is all about entertainment and respect. That is why it has piled up such a huge fan base in the last two decades.  


5 biggest myths about MMA - MMA5 biggest myths about MMA - MMA5 biggest myths about MMA - MMA5 biggest myths about MMA - MMA5 biggest myths about MMA - MMA

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