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UFC News: Cowboy takes umbrage at fan who accused him of taking a dive against McGregor: ‘Who do you think you’re talking to?’

Popular UFC fighter Donald Cowboy Cerrone recently fought in arguably the biggest fight of his life at UFC 246 against Conor McGregor. The way Cowboy lost due to shoulder strikes in the first minute of the round itself, left plenty of MMA fans (mostly McGregor’s critics) in utter disbelief and a lot of them accused Cerrone of taking a dive. Cowboy recently shut down a few such fans over on Instagram.

McGregor started the fight fast putting instant pressure on Cerrone as he quickly closed in the distance as soon as the bell rang. He went to throw a strike which Cowboy dodged and level changed to go for a takedown, McGregor on the contrary jumped and partially hit Cerrone with a knee, and the two engaged in a clinch. McGregor then absolutely stunned Cerrone and hit him with three freak powerful shoulder strikes.

The two then disengaged from the clinch and got into kickboxing range. McGregor did a few feints as Cowboy hit a high head kick, which was blocked and instantly countered by Mystic Mac via head kick of his own which again rocked McGregor and dropped him to the canvas. The Irishman then proceeded to ground and pound his way to victory.

Cerrone had recently posted an image with the caption ‘Live Free’. Some trolls attacked him on the post and again accused him of taking a dive against the Irishman. Below the post where 2 such fans accused Cerrone and Cowboy promptly shut them down:









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