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UFC News: Dominick Cruz ready to save UFC 250 BW title fight if Jose Aldo doesn’t make it

Dominick Cruz vs Henry Cejudo

UFC 250 is being headlined by a title fight between the UFC bantamweight champion Henry Cejudo and Jose Aldo, with Petr Yan being a back-up option. Though, he might not be able to serve as a back-up because of the travel ban. Thus the former champion Dominick Cruz has made himself available to fight Cejudo if Aldo can’t make it.

Cruz gave a recent interview given to sports media giants ESPN. Here’s what he had to say on the prospect of potentially replacing Aldo and fighting Cejudo:

Now he’s [Dana White] saying that Aldo might not be able to get in, Yan might not be able to get in, and now the MMA world can know that this fight is a real possibility. That’s really the situation, is that since that can’t come in, it opens up a slot for me to slide in there. I’ll always take a fight with a title. That’s what we do this for, you slide in there and you take the title shot right when it’s there. And realistically, with Aldo and Yan out and this opportunity, why wouldn’t I take it? That’s what I’ve been asking for a long time.

UFC 250 is scheduled to take place next month on the ninth of May. While it was earlier set to take place in Brazil at the Ginasio do Ibirapuera in Sao Paulo, Brazil. However, it was later revealed that the venue for the event, i.e. the Ginasio arena has been turned into a field hospital by the Brazilian government due to the ongoing global Coronavirus, i.e. Covid-19 pandemic. Thus, it will not be able to host the fight card. Hence, the UFC will most likely have to change the venue for it.

It should be noted that UFC 249 which is scheduled to take place this month in less than 10 days now has faced similar troubles related to venue. The UFC President Dana White who recently confirmed the card’s revised fight card also stated in his interview that he is in final talks to confirm the venue for the event and it will be taking place on a private island. Thus, if the pandemic continues and the world remains in a state of lockdown, even UFC 250 could take place on this same currently undiclosed island.






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