Welterweight: Mounir Lazzez (9-1, 0-0 UFC) defeats Abdul Razak Alhassan (10-1, 4-1 UFC) via unanimous decision.

Post-fight interview:

I love to be the underdog and to show my skill and that’s exactly what happened tonight. I came in as the underdog and I enjoy the victory. When he put me in the first round against the cage, I said, “what, this is all that you got?” I still have a lot of weapons and just step by step I killed his will with the kicks, moving around, high kick, low kick, I showed my wrestling, my takedown defense.

I kept visualization this over and over as just another fight, don’t put pressure on yourself and just go enjoy what you do. I love this craft, I loved when I get clipped and I see the will inside the eye of my opponent, that mental game, I love that, I love that deep water stuff. My mental game, I’ve said it before, maybe you can be more technical and maybe you can be more powerful, but my will and my mental game, you can’t beat it.

I’m healthy, 100%, I swear to God I’m ready to go in two weeks, but I let my management speak to the UFC, and when that idiot is ready, I’m ready to go,” Lazzez said.