UFC President Dana White splurges $69,000 on antique Samurai Swords for under construction Weapons Room

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Dana White is currently in the process of constructing a Weapons Room in his Las Vegas mansion and decided that an eclectic selection of Japanese Samurai Swords would be a fitting addition to that.

Featured in the famed History Channel show ‘Pawn Stars’ on Tuesday, White is seen paying around $69,000 for a set of swords, one among which – an antiquated katana from the 1600s that was passed directly from one generation to the next in the same family – fetches a price of $30,000 alone.

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Of course, according to MMA Fighting, White is reported to have netted a neat sum of $360 million from the $4.2 billion dollar sale of the UFC to WME-IMG group in 2016 and is also known to earn an eight-figure sum by way of salary each year.

It would seem, then, that $69,000 is little more than a ripple in his ocean of wealth.

Find the episode of Pawn Stars featuring the UFC President here:


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