Tuesday, June 6, 2023
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UFC Prohibits Fighters From Gambling On Any UFC Fight

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Gambling is a huge part of mixed martial arts, and when it comes to the sport’s top drawer, the UFC has a huge attraction from the gambling scene, as in the past, both fans and fighters have engaged in gambling on UFC fights.

However, as the latest memo from the promotion states, UFC fighters are not allowed to gamble on UFC fights anymore.

According to an official memo from the UFC, obtained by ESPN and later shared on Twitter by Ariel Helwani, UFC chief business officer Hunter Campbell has detailed the new policy, under which the prohibition of athletes gambling on fights now comes under the “UFC Athlete Code of Conduct”.

“Athletes are prohibited from placing any wagers (directly or through a third party) on any UFC match, including placing any wagers on themselves. In most states with legalized sports betting, wagering by an athlete (directly or through a third party) on any MMA match put on by a promoter with which they are affiliated is illegal and may result in criminal sanction. Athletes should also be aware that in most states these same prohibitions apply to some or all of (i) relatives living in the same household as an athlete, (ii) an athlete’s coaches, managers, handlers, athletic trainers, medical professionals and staff, and (iii) any other person with access to non-public information regarding participants in any MMA match. An athlete that becomes aware or has knowledge of any wagering in violation of these restrictions must immediately notify UFC of such incident in accordance with this UFC Athlete Conduct Policy,” the amendment, titled ‘Wagering’ reads.

Upon releasing the memo, many reactions generated across social media platforms, with fans claiming that its a new way for the promotion to stop their fighters from making more money.

Former UFC double champ Henry Cejudo also reacted to the memo, calling it “crazy”.

“So we cannot bet? That’s crazy, man! There has to be a- I don’t, I mean, whatever dude. So we can’t bet on any fights? None? Yeah, but how does that make it legal? Did we sign a contract? Did we sign a waiver or something along the lines that doesn’t let us bet? I don’t get it,” Cejudo said during a live Q&A session on YouTube. [H/T Sportskeeda]

What is your opinion on the new memo from the UFC prohibiting fighters from gambling on UFC fights? Let us know in the comment section below.


UFC Prohibits Fighters From Gambling On Any UFC Fight -UFC Prohibits Fighters From Gambling On Any UFC Fight -UFC Prohibits Fighters From Gambling On Any UFC Fight -UFC Prohibits Fighters From Gambling On Any UFC Fight -UFC Prohibits Fighters From Gambling On Any UFC Fight -

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