UFC: Thiago Santos reveals he was set to fight Alexander Gustafsson, before being moved to UFC 227

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Veteran MMA and UFC fighter Thiago Santos is all set to face Kevin Holland at UFC 227. However, he was apparently previously set to fight light heavyweights like Alexander Gustafsson and Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua.

In a recent interview given to MMA Fighting, Santos revealed that he previously accepted three fights but all of them failed to materialise. He claimed that he loves to fight and was eager to even take on light heavyweights like Rua and Gustafsson. Here’s what he had to say:

I like to fight. I’m a fighter. I don’t pick and choose and wait for the right opponent, I accepted three fights and it didn’t happen. They even offered me ‘Shogun’, but I turned that one down because I’m a big ‘Shogun’ fan, told my manager I wouldn’t fight him. And then they offered me Gustafsson, and that one I accepted, but he turned it down. I kind of expected that already because I’m a middleweight and he’s a light heavyweight contender, that would be a big risk for him. But I volunteered. If he had said yes, I would have loved to fight him — and wouldn’t even cut weight.






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