UFC : After her toddler got her sick on fight week, Liz Carmouche had to battle through illness for UFC Boise win

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Fighters have a lot to worry about during fight week. However, trying not to catch a cold from your young toddler, given the fact that your spouse is already down with it, is not what worries everyone, except Liz Carmouche.

“My 2-year-old was really sick leading up to this,” Carmouche told MMAjunkie after Saturday’s bout, which streamed on UFC Fight Pass from CenturyLink Arena in Boise, Idaho. “I was like, all right, I’ve been able to not get it. My wife, she was sick. I’m like, OK, they both got sick. I was fine. Then the last week it finally got me. I was like, ahhh, they got me!”

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Per Carmouche, she was ‘dead sick’ heading into fight week. Even her coach was worried as she was coughing her lungs everyday.

Despite bagging a win, under such circumstances, Carmouche accepted that she felt great at flyweight. So when asked about what the future would hold for her, she was apparently very clear.

“I’m looking at that belt. That’s what I want. You know, 125 (pounds) has been the weight class I’ve been pushing for ever since I got into the UFC. It’s what I’ve always wanted because, honestly I’m so much smaller. Even my opponent tonight, she was 142 (pounds), and I was 133 (pounds), and that’s after I drank a bottle of water. …”

“I know that if you put me in that championship contention, you put me in there for that belt, and I’m going to put on the performance I need to.”

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