UFC: Tyron Woodley roasts Colby Covington and Darren Till

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UFC welterweight champion Tyron ‘The Chosen One’ Woodley is confused as to whom he will fight next.

A couple of days ago, #2 ranked welterweight contender, undefeated Darren Till claimed that Covington is ‘out’ and the UFC are working for a title fight between him and Woodley.

Covington immediately cleared the air claiming he needs some time to recover from the small injuries he sustained and the title bout against Woodley is still on for late 2018.

Woodley however has denied the statements of both of the fighters.

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“[The UFC] never even called me about the [Colby Covington] fight. That’s the funny part. [He and Rafael Dos Anjos] fought June 9th, I never got a call even to fight him. I never got a call,” Woodley said in an interview with TMZ Sports.

A frustrated Woodley went on to roast Covington for delaying the bout and Till for not making weight in his last fight against Stephen Thompson.

“I just said [to him], ‘hey you won the boo-boo belt, now come get your ass whooped’. Now all of the sudden… [Covington] was supposed to fight me and then he said I talked all the shit now hold on…I gotta actually get in there with this dude and fight him. So he called Dana [White] and said, ‘hey, Dana um…my v****a’s sore…and um…I don’t think I can fight Tyron Woodley,’” Woodley continued.

“So now I got somebody (Darren Till) who hit me up at 2:00 AM on Twitter saying, ‘sign the contract’. I hate when fighters do that. I don’t have no damn contract and who are you? Didn’t you just miss weight?”

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