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Ultimate Guide To Breaking Into The MMA Industry

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Are you a professional or amateur fighter, or do you practice MMA and want to make it your profession? At some point, you will wonder how to enter the UFC.

The UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) is the most important MMA organization in the world. It is the company that most mixed martial arts fighters want to work for.

It doesn’t matter if it’s just out of curiosity or because it’s your goal. In this article, we explain in detail what it takes to enter the UFC, the requirements you have to meet, and the data we collected from reliable sources.

Let’s start—the road is difficult but not impossible!

Why Fight in the UFC?

Most professional fighters consider UFC their best bet at having a successful career. But why do fighters want to work with the UFC just like MMA fans want to bet on UFC fights if there are other organizations?

Ideally, the UFC is where fighters can have the most promising career, earn real money, and have more favorable working conditions.

In fact, some may earn much more money than they could spend (but beware, not everyone makes a fortune).

In addition to money are fame and recognition. No organization has as much reach to make you an international sensation as the UFC. Its reach stretches across international borders, making it a preferable institution to launch a professional career in fighting.

Ways, Options, and Requirements to Enter the UFC

In a few other places, you will find information as accurate as the one we will give you now.

We look for factual and truthful information with which you can know ​​what it takes to win a contract with the UFC and not simply state the obvious (train, find an experienced trainer, get fights—that’s logical).

1. Signed by a Scout or Headhunter

Scouting is a more traditional form and is a strategy used in most sports, not just combat sports.

Organizations like the UFC are always looking for new talent. This is because star fighters, like any athlete,  may have a few years until they choose to retire, either due to age, injuries, or simply because they already have other priorities. Also, young, title-hungry challengers are always needed to keep the business wheel turning.

As such, scouts keep an eye out for secondary MMA organizations or fighters making a name for themselves (through impressive knockouts, submissions, flashy styles, or several fight wins).

This applies to all countries worldwide, just like UFC betting odds, but of course, with a greater focus on the main MMA powers in Europe and Asia, as well as other fighter academies.

2. Introducing Yourself to an Ultimate Fighter summons

Until recently, the famous UFC reality show was the best-known platform for applicants to win a contract with the organization. However, while it was running, it gave aspiring professional fighters and scouts an idea of how to break into the MMA industry.

Requirements to Enter Ultimate Fighter

  • Be available for the qualifying tests in the chosen city. Applicants may be required to grapple and hit pads so consider bringing appropriate MMA equipment.
  • To be considered, the fighter must have a minimum of 3 professional MMA fights in their experience. All records will be verified.
  • You must be between the ages of 21 and 34 and legally able to live and work in the United States.
  • If you are not a US citizen, you must obtain a criminal background report from an organization authorized in your country of residence and submit it for verification.
  • All applicants must fill, sign, and bring the application form to the tests.

You will receive a notification if you pass the test, and further instructions will be given to you. Do not get discouraged thinking this only applies to the USA. Remember that there have also been seasons with Latin American, Spanish and Brazilian fighters.

3. Being called Up to Dana White’s Contender Series

This option is closely related to option 1 (regarding the scouts) since the fighters invited to participate in the selection for Dana White’s Contender Series are already creating buzz and have rung the bell for UFC executives.

You may imagine it is too difficult to make it to this point. Fortunately, the UFC has been trying to make it easier by giving opportunities to more fighters who are less recognized to present themselves.

Which of these options is best for you to break into the UFC? We leave that up to you.

Ultimate Guide To Breaking Into The MMA Industry - MMAUltimate Guide To Breaking Into The MMA Industry - MMAUltimate Guide To Breaking Into The MMA Industry - MMAUltimate Guide To Breaking Into The MMA Industry - MMAUltimate Guide To Breaking Into The MMA Industry - MMA

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