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USADA: Brock Lesnar’s test number change a merely technical error

Concerning instance of the strangely vanishing Brock Lesnar drug test, USADA says that it’s nothing of much concern.

Reports surfaced in the course of a few days about a disparity in the quantity of drug tests USADA was showing for Lesnar in its open, online database. Toward the end of last week, Lesnar’s medication test number strangely went from six to five, which was noted by a few adherents of USADA information.


Photo Credit : Esther Lin/MMAFighting.com

In a comment sent to MMA Fighting on Tuesday, USADA representative Adam Woullard credited it to a “technical error.”

“USADA updates the Athlete Test History page of the UFC/USADA website on a weekly basis,” the statement read. “During an update on the week of October 15th, we experienced a technical issue that resulted in the information on the page being displayed incorrectly. The correct test history for the athlete is 1 test, not 2. The issue has been fixed and the testing numbers on the website are all accurate. We are still investigating the specific technical issue that led to the error.”

UFC vice president of athlete health and performance Jeff Novitzky has said that,

”I have access to a more specific database than the public, which displays the date a sample is collected, what type of sample it is and what the results are as soon as they are available,” Novitzky said. “The public website, as I understand it, indicated there had been two tests during this last quarter, and it recently dropped to one. I have always seen one test in this quarter for Lesnar. It was a urine test and it came back negative.”



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