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VIDEO: Adib Sulaiman defeats Susovan Ghosh via TKO in the second round at ONE Warrior Series 10

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ONE Warrior series is back for its tenth edition. ONE Warrior Series 10 will feature three Indian fighters. In this edition of ONE Warrior Series 10, three Indian fighters are taking part.

ONE Warrior Series 10 takes place at the Singapore Indoor Stadium in Singapore. Rana Rudra Pratap Singh takes on Seung Hyun Cho at catchweight (64.5kg).

Rana Rudra, Susovan and Manthan

Manthan Rane takes on Joey Balon at Catchweight (60kg).

Susovan Ghosh of Team Relentless takes on Adib Sulaiman in the strawweight category.


Rana Rudra Pratap VS Seung Hyun Cho

A high kick was thrown by Cho. Rana Rudra Pratap Singh goes for the takedown and now has Cho in a tight guillotine.

Cho taps out.


Rana now extends his undefeated record to 11-0 inside the Octagon. This is exactly the type of ONE Championship debut he was looking for.

Result: Rana Rudra Pratap Singh beats Seung Hyun Cho via guillotine submission in the first round

Joey Baylon vs. Manthan Rane

ROUND 1: Both fighters measuring each other. Low leg kick by Manthan Rane. Both fighters exchanging leg kicks from distance. Rane controlling distance well.

Rane goes for a takedown, but Baylon manages to escape now Baylon goes for guillotine submission.

Rane slips out of the guillotine and now has Baylon in the rear-naked choke position. However, the choke didn’t settle in well and now Baylon with wrist control.

Another guillotine attempt by Baylon, but Manthan saved by the bell.

ROUND 2: Superman punch lands for Baylor and lands a multiple punch combination. Rane is staggered but manages to take back control. Rane is controlling the ground game right now.

Both fighters taking the centre stage right now.  Manthan Rane with top control and now a side control for Manthan Rane. He is trying to land his elbows, but nothing significant landed on Baylon yet. Another takedown for Rane and then followed by a back control and now Rane gets a warning from the referee for landing a punch on the back of the head.

Round 2 comes to an end. Baylon dominated the fight early with his striking, but Rane controlled the fight later in the round with his dominant ground game.

ROUND 3: High kick lands for Baylon and then Rane goes for the takedown. Rane dominating the fight on the ground with top control. Full mount for Rane, but Baylon manages to get out, but Rane takes him down again. Rane with ground and pound and now controlling the fight with top control.

Manthan Rane with side control. He is completely dominating the fight with his superior control.

RESULT: Manthan Rane defeats Joey Baylon via unanimous decision

Adib Sulaiman vs. Susovan Ghosh

ROUND 1: Sulaiman pressuring in the opening round and lands a right hand which drops Susovan Ghosh. But Susovan recovers and is now on top position. However, Adib is landing punches on Ghosh’s jaw.

Susovan’s coach telling him to be vigilant of the armbar, but Sulaiman now on the full mount. Susovan Gosh scores a takedown. Multiple elbows lands for Adib Sulaiman and then Ghosh takes him down.

Ghosh goes for the arm lock submission, but the bell saves Adib.

ROUND 2: Ghosh goes for the takedown but ends up eating a knee to the body. Susovan scores a big body lock takedown. Adib lands elbows and punches on Susovan.

Adib lands a combination on Susovan and the Indian is staggered. Susovan on the backfoot now. He looks drained and eats a leg kick and a multiple punch combination.

Adib lands a right hand and it’s all over.


Result: Adib Sulaiman knocks out Susovan Ghosh in the second round (TKO). 







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