VIDEO: GAMMA India Nationals Championship 2021 Full Results Day 3 [FINALS]

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Here are the full results of Day 3 from the GAMMA India National Championships:




SHAHID SYED VS TOUFEEQ MD – 52.2KG – Shahid Syed wins


ANGAMI KEKHREINETSO VS MEITEI KS – 65.8KG – Angami Kekhreinetso wins via UD.

TIWARI MOHIT KUMAR VS HOTKAR ATUL – 70.3KG – Mohit Kumari wins via UD

JAVID AAQUIB VS ANSARI MD EHTESHAM – 61.2KG – Javid Aaquib wins via UD

SHAHRIF ALTAF VS SANKET NAIKWADE – 77.1KG – Sanket Naikwade wins via UD

ANUJ VERMA VS SAHIL DAHIYA – 83.9KG – Sahil Dahiya wins via UD

PATEL MUFASSIL VS PATIL DEEPAK – 93KG – Patel Mufassil wins via TKO in Round 2

IMCHEN LIMASUNEP VS PANDYA HARSH – 56.7KG – Imchen Limasunep wins via UD

KHAN MUSHARRAF VS SHAHID SYED – 52.2KG – Musharraf Khan wins via UD


Striking MMA

SHAHID SYED VS PEGU JOYRAJ – 52.2KG – Shahid Syed wins via walkover

PREM TALADA VS KHAN MD ISLAM – 56.7KG – Khan MD Islam wins via walkover

AHFAAZ JAESSANI VS JAMES L – 61.2KG – Ahfaaz Jaessani wins via Walkover

PAWAN RAO VS MD NAYEMUDDIN – 65.8KG – Pawan Rao wins via TKO in Round 1

ANUJ VERMA VS MARAAF KARTE – 83.9KG – Anuj Verma wins via walkover



SHIVRAJ SHINDE VS PARESH BAM – 52.2KG – Shivraj Shinde wins via walkover

SHUBHANKAR ROY VS AMAAN KHAN – 56.7KG – Amaan Khan wins via walkover

RUPESH YENGADE VS YASHWANT GOUD – 61.2KG – Rupesh Yengade wins via Guillotine 

PRANAV JADHAV VS PAWAN RAO – 65.8KG – Pawan Rao wins via Rear Naked Choke in Round 1

AVIZO LANAMAI VS PRUDHVI KATTA – 70.3KG – Avizo Lanamai wins via TKO in Round 1.

AREEEB GHAZALI VS HRITHIK PATIL – 77.1KG – Areeb Ghazali wins via TKO in Round 1

MATAAF KARTE VS NEERAJ WAVAL – 83.9KG – Neeraj Waval wins via Walkover.


Striking MMA

BHAGAT AKASH VS SHARAM PEEYUSH – 93KG – Bhagat Akash wins via Unanimous decision

NAYAK PRAVEEN VS MP NEERAJ – 77.1KG – MP Neeraj wins via TKO in Round 1.

SHAIKH ZAID VS PATIL DEEPAK – 93KG – Shaikh Zaid wins via TKO in Round 1.

SINGH RANJODH VS HOTAKR ATUL  – 70.3KG – Atul Holkar wins via TKO in Round 1.

MOHAMMED NAINA VS ANGAMI KEKHREINETSO – 65.8KG – Mohammed Naina wins via TKO in Round 1.

Syed vs Abuzar – 52.2 kg – Syed wins via UD

WAVAL NEERAJ VS KRISHNA VAMSI – 83.9KG – Vamsi Krishna wins via TKO in Round 1.

GOUD YASHWANT VS JAVID AAQUIB – 61.2 KG – Javid Aaquib wins via Walkover

OZUKUM ARESENBA VS SHAIKH MARUFALAM – 56.7KG – Ozukum Aresenba wins via TKO in Round 1


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