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War of words between Joe Rogan and Stephen A. Smith continues

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Former UFC champion Conor McGregor and ESPN analyst Stephen A Smith got into a twitter banter last week. Conor McGregor knocked out Donald Cerrone in just 40-seconds at UFC 246.

Following this, Smith was present at the Arena alongside UFC commentator Joe Rogan talking about the fight. Smith bashed Cerrone during the post-fight show and said that he “quite disgusted” by Cerrone’s performance. He went as far as saying  “it look like he gave up”.

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Stephen A Smith, Joe Rogan and Conor McGregor

Joe Rogan then went on a rant against Stephen A Smith on his podcast called ‘Joe Rogan Experience‘.

Stephen A Smith said Joe Rogan was wrong

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Smith later took to Twitter and posted a 3-minute 30-second video and said that Joe Rogan was just wrong.

I don’t claim to be the aficionado you are or anybody else covering the sport,” he said. “But excuse me? I have been a reporter for 25 years; I have covered sports on a variety of competitive levels regardless of what the sport is. That includes boxing and the UFC.

It don’t take much to look at three shoulder shots to the nose that Conor McGregor gave ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone, watching him fold inside of 20 seconds, knowing that he only got one strike off, and oh, by the way, that was blocked by Conor.

Conor McGregor did not get the opportunity to show us enough. For us to believe Nurmagomedov or Masvidal, that’s something that could potentially happen to them. I didn’t see it, because ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone, in his first pay-per-view match, folded. I respect him, but he folded like a cheap tent. Period. Bad night for him. Bad night. That’s all. And I stand by that. And I’m going to still stand by that.” (H/T – NYPOST)

Joe Rogan says Stephen A Smith is wrong

Joe Rogan responded to Stephen A Smith on his podcast. His guest was former UFC lightweight champion, Frankie Edgar. He then explained in detail as to why he took offence to Smith’s comment.

I was upset at Stephen A. Smith and he made a video responding to me,” Rogan said. “Stephen A. Smith, I guess I should respond – you’re a very entertaining guy, I like you a lot, and I appreciate the props you gave me in that video, but you’re wrong. ‘Cowboy’ got f*cked up with those shoulders in the clinch. He had Conor’s arms tied up and they’re in close spaces, Conor dips low and slams the bone of the shoulder into the nose.

At the beginning of the round, Conor’s a f*cking super explosive guy. Super explosive. Just all muscle, f*cking pulled tight at the beginning of the fight and just bang, bang! He got off good shots and “Cowboy” was confused. Stephen A. Smith said that he felt like ‘Cowboy’ quit. ‘Cowboy’ did not quit. He got smashed.”

Friendly advice from Joe Rogan to Stephen A. Smith

That is to say, while Joe Rogan disagreed with Stephen A. Smith, he did offer the ESPN personality a piece of advice for covering the future event.

I think the problem is Stephen A. Smith, who’s a very entertaining guy and is very knowledgeable about other sports, this is not his wheelhouse,” Rogan said. “That style of dismissing athletes and putting people down — that’s how he made his name and it’s fun to listen to. He’s a fun guy to listen to. He talks great sh*t. I just think that this sport demands more appreciation, more respect and it demands a higher level of reverence to the athletes who literally put their lives on the line. It’s different.” (H/T – MMA Fighting)


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War of words between Joe Rogan and Stephen A. Smith continues - sTEPHENWar of words between Joe Rogan and Stephen A. Smith continues - sTEPHENWar of words between Joe Rogan and Stephen A. Smith continues - sTEPHENWar of words between Joe Rogan and Stephen A. Smith continues - sTEPHENWar of words between Joe Rogan and Stephen A. Smith continues - sTEPHEN

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