Watch: Cain Velasquez does the unbelievable yet again inside the pro wrestling ring

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Former UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez recently made his pro wrestling debut at TripleMania XXVII in Mexico City on 3rd August at the Arena Ciudad. Velasquez signed with Mexican pro wrestling organisation AAA. While many people did not expect the injury prone heavyweight to fare too well inside the squadered circular ring  of professional wrestling, Velasquez instead proved everyone wrong and shocked and amazed the world with his superb and scintiallting professional wrestling moves. Velasquez recently once again wowed the fans with his insanely athletic professional wrestling moves including backflips with incredible agility.

It should be noted that while Velasquez is still officially under contract for the UFC, at 37 years of age and plenty of injuries bogging down his MMA career he might be in a semi-retired state. Thus, that may be one of the major reasons why he has been focusing on having a professional wrestling career.


The former UFC heavyweight champion was expected to be really slow and lackluster in the ring. However, much to everyone’s shock Velasquez has since awed the fans with plenty of athletic flicks and other pro wrestling, typical lucha libre-esque moves.

You can check out his high flying skilfull moves down below:











Ben Askren explains the reason behind appearance number 10 on Ariel Helwani’s show!

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