Watch: Henry Cejudo issues heated warning to Frankie Edgar after Bantamweight move

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The former UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar recently announced that he will soon be coming down a weight class to finally compete at naturally in the more suited Bantamweight division. Many believe that Edgar will soon work his way up and will indeed be challenging for the title belt. This has led the UFC’s champ champ Henry Cejudo to issue a serious and stern warning to Edgar.

Cejudo recently took to Twitter and posted a video in which he warned Edgar that until he can secure a title shot even Edgar should bow down in front of the champion, i.e. him. Here’s what he had to say:

So I’m out here getting my recovery done at the USCPI as I am going to be out for a minute and then I start hearing these little birds pew pew pew pew pew pew (imitates the chirping of birds) saying that Frankie “The Answer” Edgar wants to come down to my weight class.

Frankie, you’re 0-5 in your last five title fights. What makes you think that you can come down to my weight class and be any different?! Do me a favour when you win at MSG (Madison Square Garden Arena), I want you to call me out because of 1. I know that you’re gold thirsty and you want my belt and 2. and I know that you just don’t like me but until then Frankie “The Answer” Edgar, you can do me a favour and you can bend the knee to CCC too.

You can watch his video down below:






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