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Watch: Someone calls Hotel security after Cris Cyborg sings too loudly

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UFC 232 didn’t go down as planned for Cris Cyborg. After staying undefeated for 13 years, Cyborg didn’t even last a minute against the flurry of punches thrown at her by Amanda Nunes. However Cyborg isn’t among people who take losses with a pinch of salt.

Cris cyborg
( Picture Credit : USA Today )

In the last installment of the video log series that Cyborg has been releasing during her fights, Cyborg can be seen warming up with her headphones on inside her hotel room. However, her singing got apparently too loud and eventually got so loud that someone actually called the hotel security.

Packed with exclusive backstage footage of both before and after the fight the episode contains a lot of content for fans willing to gain an insight into the lives of their favourite fighter.

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