Watch which high level wrestler Jorge Masvidal is training with to prep for Ben Askren

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Jorge Masvidal is training hard to be prepared for Ben Askren. And Yoel Romero is helping him.

Masvidal recently said the following (courtesy of :

“I remember walking out to the cage and telling myself, ‘Wow, I can’t believe I missed it this much.’ It was an amazing thing. I didn’t know that I missed it so much. I just love to fight, you know? That’s my favorite thing to do in the world. So to get paid for it and go up against a guy like [Darren] Till in his homeland, that’s gonna come to fight, was an amazing experience. But more than anything, I missed it. I had been gone for a year, and I was a fish without water. So as soon as I got thrown back in there, a lot of the media weren’t giving me too many chances.”

“If I am who I say I am, then I’m going to compete on that day, and I’m going to be just fine. I’m a shark, that’s water, and I’m going to swim. I’m gonna make it known that I’m the alpha hunter in these waters.”

“I took a lot of negativity and extra-ness out of my life. For that one year I was inactive, I looked at my life and things that needed to be done, and took ‘em out. My coaches loved it, they said ‘Man, your energy is a lot better as far as gas tank goes; everything is a lot better.’ So that was it: get the evil-ness out of the way, the demons, and get to work.”

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