What betting markets are available for UFC fans?

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The UFC has millions of fans all over the world. Many of these tune in to view events on a regular basis, and some of those add more excitement to the bouts by placing bets on who they think will win them.

UFC betting has grown in popularity over the last decade, and anyone who has been betting on the fights for a number of years will know that the service has greatly improved.

This involves more betting markets, bigger odds and some great offers to take advantage of.

These all combine to bring together the overall service, but in terms of betting markets, what is available to players?

The short answer is certainly a lot more than we have seen in the past.

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Simple UFC Betting Markets

If you are new to UFC betting and you want to place a wager on a big fight coming up on the calendar, then you can with almost every bookmaker.

Keeping things simple is the best way to kick off your UFC betting. Try and ignore the more complicated betting markets that give you bigger odds, but are harder to get right. Instead focus on landing winners and building confidence.

This means using the simplest markets out there, such as who will win the fight and the method of victory. These are two markets you can use straight away as a complete novice.

We all have an opinion on who will win the fight, and we also all talk about how the fight will be won. All you are doing with these two markets is putting your money down on what your opinion is, something you will have spoken about with your friends prior to the fight.

Advanced UFC Betting Markets

When you have confidence and a good number of winners behind you, it is time to move onto more advanced markets to try and win more money by taking bigger odds.

Advanced markets add a different element to your betting, in a similar way to naming a method of victory that we have already spoken about. However, these markets are generally things you may not have thought about and discussed with friends.

Round betting is the most commonly used advanced market and this can be done in two ways. The first is to select the exact round that the fight will end, the second is to choose a group of rounds that have been put together to cover three or four of them together.

This makes things tougher, but the odds on offer are bigger. Usually this will result in less wins, but bigger payouts if you do get something right. However, it is not easy, for example, many will have picked Gaethje to beat Ferguson recently, but how many correctly predicted the 5th round as the winning round?

There are more to choose from, but the round betting markets offer an advanced way to bet that people can enjoy as they progress with their betting.

What Makes a Great UFC Bookmaker?

Each bookmaker will offer a slightly different service to the rest. This covers everything they have on their site and will affect those betting on UFC.

The best way to work out who has the best service on offer is to compare them. Many reviews of online bookmakers are available for you to use and these will highlight how strong betting markets are, what types of bet you can place and much more.

They will also look into other details that general gamblers need to know, such as the bonuses on offer for new players, what payment methods can be used and what customer service help is in place.


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