What is an Illegal Strike in the UFC? Piera Rodriguez Loses the Match and Gets in Trouble for This Intentional Foul

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Piera Rodriguez is in big trouble after her aggression inside the octagon lands her opponent in the hospital. Rodriguez hit Ariane with two illegal Headbutts while the two were on the ground. And after a recovery timeout the bout was stopped and Carnelossi was named the winner. Let’s find out what is an Illegal Strike in the UFC.

In the second round, Rodriguez (9-2 MMA, 2-2 UFC) landed the blows at the UFC Apex, Carnelossi (14-3 MMA, 2-2 UFC). After that, the officials decided to allot Carnelossi five minutes to recover. However, Toward the end of that time, the physician informed referee Mark Smith the fight should be waved off. Smith obliged and designated the fouls “intentional.” Carnelossi was taken to a hospital shortly after.

What is an illegal strike in the UFC?

While the early days of the UFC were marked by a “no rules” approach, the modern UFC has a comprehensive set of rules to ensure fighter safety and fair competition. Among these rules are prohibitions on certain types of strikes, known as illegal strikes.

There are currently 27 illegal moves in the UFC. Ironically, In 1993, UFC 1 was promoted with the tagline, “there are no rules”.

Here are some of the most dangerous and commonly seen illegal strikes:

Eye-gouging/Eye poke: An eye poke, or eye gouge, is the act of putting your fingers, elbows, or chin into an opponent’s eyes. Legal strikes to the eye socket, such as a punch or kick, are not considered eye gouges. They are one of the most common illegal strikes in the UFC.
Headbutting: Once a common move in the UFC, headbutting is now illegal due to the potential for severe head trauma and irreparable damage.
Groin strikes: Attacking an opponent’s groin area is considered illegal due to the severe pain and potential for injury it can cause.
Hair pulling: Hair pulling could be used to completely change the position in grappling sequences. It is painful and uncomfortable and definitely not something that should be allowed in a sport.
Biting: Biting is entirely evident why it’s is illegal.

Rodriguez calls Carnelossi a coward

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