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What is Next For Conor McGregor?

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UFC 257 brought many surprises and left fans around the world shocked. Not only did Michael Chandler did the impossible, but Dustin Poirer managed to do what no other fighter has ever done before – knock Conor out. The stoppage was a TKO, but regardless, no one has ever managed to drop Conor. 

While many will give you various reasons as to what led to Dustin beating Conor (Conor’s amateur boxing approach, the inactivity, etc.), we cannot deny that El Diamante shined the most when everyone was doubting him. We can only praise that man for what he’s done and follow his journey towards the long-await UFC lightweight title. 

At the post-fight interview, Conor stated that he is looking for activity and competition and that we will see him again, so we decided to lay out our thoughts on what should Conor’s next consecutive moves be. Before we do that, let’s see how MMA fans have found a new way to experience the sport. 

Experience MMA in a Unique Way

Research has shown that MMA fans are also fans of wagering small amounts of money online to have fun. They do that via placing bets, but there is also one additional and interesting concept that caught our attention – online gambling. 

Online casinos have become quite popular in the past couple of years and game providers have made sure that they are supplied with some of the best games on the market. They are also familiar with the fact that MMA fans are very fond of the idea of playing these games online so that is why they made sure that they supply online casinos with various MMA-themed casino games. 

Slots are among the most popular games of this character and they feature MMA fighters and various competitions as the main theme of the game. is one of the sites that features these slots and they are very entertaining to play. All you have to remember when accessing them is to play responsibly and out of entertainment purposes only. 

Now, let’s see what Conor’s next three-fight resume should look like.

Nate Diaz Trilogy

Nate Diaz

The fact of the matter is, Conor lost. But, Dana White has stated that Nate Diaz will be coming back to the 155 division, which makes their matchup perfect. Both fighters are coming out of a loss, they have a fierce rivalry, and are 1-1 in their last 2 bouts. The trilogy is a very smart move for both fighters as it can draw massive PPVs and help Conor end the debate with a win over Nate.

Tony Ferguson

Tony Ferguson

After Nate is done, the next logical step would be Tony Ferguson. Tony Ferguson is a fierce opponent and he’s been calling Conor out for many years now. But, there is a small condition here. Tony’s next fight must be a W. If Tony loses the next fight, he might prove that he is no longer eligible as a top 10 contender. In that case, the perfect replacement would be either Michael Chandler or Justin Gaethje. 

Fight for The Title

The two wins in a row over highly ranked fighters will put Conor back on top and make him eligible to fight for the Lightweight title. Considering the fact that Dustin showed class against Conor, he is most likely to become a champion, which is fantastic, since they will be able to finish their trilogy. A win would crown Conor as the new lightweight champion.

There you go – 3 fights, 2 trilogies, and 1 belt are what should be next for Conor.

What is Next For Conor McGregor? - conorWhat is Next For Conor McGregor? - conorWhat is Next For Conor McGregor? - conorWhat is Next For Conor McGregor? - conorWhat is Next For Conor McGregor? - conor

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