Monday, October 25, 2021
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When Jorge Masvidal ‘baptized’ 3 guys who picked a fight with him in a night club

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Jorge Masvidal has created an aura of being the type of fighter who is as real as it gets. He has never chided away from being in the front line of fire even if it is outside the Octagon.

He had an altercation with Leon Edwards backstage at UFC London. For a while, he also had an ongoing beef with former UFC middleweight champ and commentator Michael Bisping. Both Bisping and Chael Sonnen were present in Las Vegas for UFC 246. The two former middleweights chatted about how once Jorge Masvidal knocked got the better of three guys in a pub.

Sonnen later told the story on his YouTube channel.

“Now if you ever hear a story [of a guy knocking three people out at a bar], you’ve met a liar. Except if that guy is Jorge Masvidal,” Sonnen said (via South China Morning Post). “Jorge is at a club wearing a gold chain necklace … and these two guys that he doesn’t know go up to him – and one of the guys flicks the necklace.

“Jorge doesn’t know how to interpret that but thinks these guys are gonna rob him. So Jorge knocks out the guy who touched the necklace, then turns with a hook and knocks out the other guy.



“He decides he’s gotta lay low while the scene is unfolding so he ducks into the bathroom. When he goes — a guy comes in right behind him — so Jorge knocks that guy out.”

“So the question becomes ‘Jorge, why did you knock the guy out in the bathroom? What if he wasn’t with them or had nothing to do with them at all?’ Jorge said ‘I couldn’t take the risk’,” Sonnen explained.

Later on when Chael asked Masvidal if he could use this story for his YouTube channel, he was met with a simple response, “Okay cool”. Sonnen explained that it went on to show the kind of person ‘Gamebred’ is.

“It lets you into the mind of Jorge Masvidal — the guy lives by his code, and I suggest if you wanna get into Jorge Masvidal’s wheelhouse, you might wanna learn the code to not overstep.”

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