Will Cricket Ever Overcome The Popularity Of Football?

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The rage of football is undeniably unmatchable with any sport in the world. Nevertheless, it will be unfair to overlook the potential of cricket on the international platform.

Will cricket ever have a more potent appeal than football? The answer to this question will be clear as you go through this article.

Time duration

Cricket is less appealing to the young generation than football because of the time duration. 

Football is decided in two halves, each of 45 minutes and cricket test matches are five days long. At times, watching test matches tends to become very boring for the spectators. ODI cricket is a 50-overs long game and takes about seven hours to complete. Football is, therefore, more interesting to watch than cricket. 

Most of the cricket sports fans are just watching the match on television and do not want to go to the stadium unless they are excited about the game. Nevertheless, the introduction of the IPL with the T20 format has started gaining the attention of the masses who want to enjoy sports with short durations.

World wide recognition

Cricket is more popular in Asian countries including India and Pakistan. The craze for cricket is also seen in the UK and Australia to some extent. 

Even though the popularity of cricket is at its peak in a few countries, it doesn’t completely match the popularity of the sport such as football which enjoys global attention. More than 200 countries love and watch football.

In the US, the passion for cricket is limited to a niche market. Thus, cricket has failed to conquer the hearts of the crowd in the west. It might take at least another couple of years to see the popularity of the sport rise in these countries.

Star value

Football players are the most valuable assets of their clubs. They are more appreciated and admired globally than cricketers. Everyone knows about Messi and Ronaldo. But, there are only a handful of cricket players such as Sachin Tendulkar who are known worldwide.


The audience wants to enjoy sports that are easy to understand with simpler terminology and gameplay. Football is simple to play. The rules of the sports are easy to understand for most of the viewers.

However, cricket is a little more complicated with complex terminologies. Sometimes the viewers get confused. Beginners take time to understand the rules.

The rising craze of cricket in the modern era

Cricket may not have a global fan following, but it is admired by audiences in India, England, Australia, Pakistan, and New Zealand. The sport is regarded as the second most popular sport in India. There are many cricket leagues and tournaments for global audiences.

The IPL has made the craze for cricket even more interesting. This is only because IPL matches are of shorter durations and teams have players from India and other countries. Cricket fans enjoy watching their favourite cricketers from India and the world on the same platform while playing together to win the trophy.

Gradually, cricket is getting recognized and becoming a mainstream sport in the United States. There are many high-profile cricket tournaments taking place in the country.

Cricket is also being played by colleges and universities as a sport. The colleges have started developing cricket teams. As the popularity of cricket in the US rises, more people will love this sport and will watch more matches. This will help cricket to eventually gain the status of a mainstream sport in the US.

For now, cricket has a long way to go. Therefore, it is unlikely to overtake football anytime soon on a global platform.

Online betting on cricket

Betting on sports is a favourite pastime of many people. Most people who love sports also love betting on them.

People are more likely to try online betting because it is easier than bookies. Bookies are not reliable and it is hard to know where and when you will get the winning bets. Online betting provides this information.

People have the option to bet on cricket online from their mobile phones. The only thing that is required to start betting on sporting events is a smartphone. They can place bets without leaving their homes. This is how betting is changing, today.


This is not surprising that cricket is one of the fastest-growing sports. The majority of people believe that in the next few years, we will see a lot of cricket and the sport will follow the footsteps of cricket. However, it will probably be a long wait before cricket overtakes other sports.

On the other hand, online betting on cricket is gaining traction. People are getting more interested in online betting as they can do it from anywhere in the world and in a convenient manner.

There are many betting apps available for smartphones. Parimatch betting app is easy to use and the interface is very user-friendly. You can place bets and track the results of the games. You can also make predictions and find out the tips for the games.

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