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Will Jon Jones’ Move To Heavyweight Always Remain A Myth?

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Jon Jones is the undisputed light heavyweight champion in the UFC as he has won all but one of his professional fights. 

With over 12 years in the MMA world, he is to be remembered in history as he has proved to be exceptionally dominant. 

There has been a lot of talk of late that he might make a play for bigger fights and make a triumphant entry into the heavyweight championship. However, that seems not to be happening any day soon. 

The following are reasons why it won’t occur, and it can be termed a myth.  

Jon Jones cannot commit to a HW move

Jon Jones
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According to post-fight interviews, when Jones is asked whether his next fights will be heavyweight, he casually responds that there is a chance of that happening. It is a clear indication that he is not ready. He knows that the potential risks of moving on to the next fight can be detrimental to his previous titles – especially if it results in a devastating loss to Francis Ngannou.

What matters is his long built legacy wherein all the fights he has fought at light heavyweight none has been defeated. The legacy is not fame to fans or any stakeholders but himself. Also for Jon Jones, the career he has fearlessly defended, can be ruined by venturing into the arena of heavyweights. 

It can be ruled out as a myth for Jones to try to make any attempt to try to be a double champ. It can prove to be quite detrimental, trying to be a titleholder in two different classes.

The GOAT notion’s the only viable option left for him

Is it true Jones has to win the heavyweight championship to be GOAT? If so, then it can’t happen. He is already a champion. A close source hinted to news and betting sites, including, that some analysts stress on him taking the title at the heavyweight division so to capture the throne of the MMA world.

Further saying that it is the only option left for him since he has bagged multiple titles at the light heavyweight level. 

It can be considered very mythical as Jones can’t consider going to that line to prove that he is a legend. 

You don’t need to be a champ-champ to be a legend. 

Jon Jones doesn’t require being a champ-champ winner to be considered a great of times. Therefore any chances of moving to heavyweight can never be substantiated.  

So contrary to earlier speculations, Jones isn’t venturing to the heavyweight championship. According to numerous news reports on various sites, including, pressure from fans and all relevant stakeholders won’t make him move up a weight class. 

It might look a viable option moving to the heavyweight championship – but it may also end up ruining his legacy at light heavyweight. He has already done better as far as the championships are concerned with his undisputed light heavyweight title. It is, therefore, mythical to think he should make a play for the heavyweight championship 

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